Sunday, 1 November 2009

Allana and her Cub

Dear all,
After a long drive from rekero homes to the camp I had a good suprise.
Allana and her cub on the road.
As soon as said this Allana she took off and got a young Tomy.
Remember she had four totos and now she have one  a live better than nothing.
Her female cub is so well and healthy lovely.

The other news is Shakira is back to home just been film at the mara conservancy good news though.


Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Glad Shakira is back and well. Great pictures of Allana and her cub, it is a shame she only has one left but it does look really well.
take care
Apesey xx

Kristina Trowbridge said...

What about Moja, Mbili & Tatu? Did they come back with Shakira?

mjp2501 said...

Jambo Jackson,
It is too bad she lost three of her babies, but hopefully this one left will make it as an adult to take her place on the Mara.
Good Job Jackson.
Mike in Texas

mjp2501 said...

Jambo Jackson,
I know Jonathan Scott is still there on the Mara, what about Simon King, is he there as well?
Salaam, Mike in Texas

Maxi said...

Brilliant pictures Jackson, thanks for keeping us updated

AnneMarie81 said...

Jambo Jackson.

Have the girls come back with Shakira or have they gone on their own now?

Lovely picture of Allana and her cud, sad that she lost three though!

Thank you for all the updates from your office! It certainly makes the time in my office far more interesting.


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Kristina,
Moja, mbili, tatu are all with there mum still flowing her regardless.



Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Mike,
Jonny and Si are not in the mara at the moment both had left to overseas or nairobi for Jonny.
since Jonny live in kenya he could be in the country.

the filming is not from BBC do not get exited its another company.


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear AnnMarie81
Yes the girls are with Shakira still together thank God
It will be had for us to imagine when they are on there own.
But Kali had made it on his own three girls will be a peace of cake

Have a good evening


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,

I love all the updates recently you have been spoiling us :) Please keep us posted about the filming..anything that has to do with the big cats I hope to see! We miss big cat diary and i would love to see the cats again being filmed! I'm so happy that all the cats are doing well and your keeping us up to date. I hope you know how much we appreciate the news and pictures! Take care and god bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I must say Jackson; That I am really happy to see Allana and her girl. I have been wondering about them for sometime. She has done great raising her after her tragic loss of the other cubs. And of course we always love hearing about Shakira and the girls. Jackson you made my day because I know now Allana is doing well with her one remaining cub. And thank you for the update on her.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson Thanks for a great update. What great news Kali is back, and doing well on his own. Shakira, and the girls still all together, and brave Allana looks like she has at least brought one of her cubs through.
Mike in Texas Simon is currently filming a TV programme in Britain called Autumn Watch which follows our wildlife such as Birds Deer Baadgers, and the like as they adjust to the new season, it's part of a series the BBC do every year we have Springwatch & Autumnwatch
Asanti san Jackson for the update

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What a lovely picture of Allan and her cub, its sad she lost the others but hopefully she will be able to focus her full attention on this little lady and her survival will be great.
I am so pleased Moja, Mbili & Tatu have returned with Shakira, it's good to have them back on home turf.
Thank you so much for the update.
Any news on Red Jackson?