Sunday, 13 December 2009

Binti, Olive and the Cubs,

Olive sleeping in the morning today at 8 am.

Dear all 

Just a day after I have come to the mara every one was talking what had happen to Olive and her cubs.
I call Paul since he was in the mara a week early than me he said well we have not seen her for a few weeks and some guides think she may have lost the Cubs.
Early 6:50am, Paul call me I have found her she is here with both cubs I then rush as always to go and see with my camera than my eyes and ears.

Fab she was up a tree with a kill very well and we exange idears with Paul why some one will wish this little cubs death.
Any way no panic all good every one is together I then followed the cubs as they play in the bushes what lovelly morning.

Binti Photo By Jono Raynor and Dudu Beaton a week ago.

At the some time Binti was busy looking for food on Junction of Talek olare orok it was a great morning for the J5 now more than 5.

More update soon,

Salaams Jackson.


Anonymous said...

i am so releived for the update

pleased to hear the cubs are alive (are you going to name them)

how are Ayah and Bintu around them


Habari zako, Jackson? Good hear that Olive's cubs are alright. They might be more than 3 months old by now!

Hope you get pictures of them soon.

Thanks for sharing the news!
Tutaonana baadaye!
Cassio & Alessandra.

Thetrueone said...

Good to receive these updates. We totally depend on you now to keep us informed of the goings on of the big cats. Thank you!

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your a head of the game, When we meet with Paul Kiru,
That was the agenda when should wee name than.
It will be soon since we can ID them now and can tell who is who.
sweet things.

Laikipia said...

What a relief to hear Olive and her cubs are okay, and what a gorgeous photo of Binti.

Thanks for the update Jackson.


Mama Duma said...

Wonderful news, Jackson, that Olive and her cubs are all alive and well. Great photo of Binti too!Thanks for the update, Love MD

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Good to have you back with news of your office. Sp pleased to hear that Olive and the cubs are ok :)
Lovely photo's and look forward to more news from the Mara.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Big Cat Diary stopped broadcasting? Also, there are lots of sites with lists of episodes, but they are mostly messed up and Big Cat Diary's homepage has ones only from year 2008.

Anonymous said...

i think they are never going to braodcast ever agian (which is a shame) i was defentily enjioying the vidoes of the big cats! jackson can you please answer this quetion for me what happend to tamu the lioness and is she still alive? i hope she is!!!!



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