Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Mash pride

Bibi with the new cubs.

Dear friends,
As we close this year and open next year God willing I went to see how the marsh pride are doing.
I meet up with a lot of new cubs, from Red, Bibi and White Eye all very busy with new babies.

The older cubs in small groups.

The rest of the older cubs are going all over the place now on there own since the mothers are careful not let them come close to play with the new cubs.

What a nice ending of 2009.

I wish you all a happy new year 

Salaams once again 

Jackson Looseyia.



Lakipia said...

Jambo Jackson

That is so exciting to see Bibi with her new cubs.

I hope they keep well and healthy.

Thanks for updating us all.

Happy New Year Jackson

Salaams Laikipia

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson, thats a lovely way to end 2009, I pray they all stay safe and well in 2010 and look forward to further updates on the little ones.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Jackson.
littlewid -x-

BigCatFan said...

i noticed you mentioned red, white eye and bibi but what about Lispy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo of those lion cubs!!

MJParrish said...

Jambo Jackson,
It is so very good to see so many new cubs running around, the two Pride Males are doing a fantastic job of making new babies, and protecting the pride.
God bless you, Paul, Jonny,Peter and everyone, for doing such a splendid job.
Saalems, Mike In Texas,Usa