Saturday, 17 October 2009

notch boys

I had some one requsting to come for just one day and I got choosen to take this three people on safari.
We started at the Airstrip looking for Olive no luck and went to see if any news on binti it was just a little too late to see any the J5.
Just arround the coner was Shakira and the Girls all a lone this morning like God was looking after me.
After they have seen Shakira it was like we have finish our game drive but I went on to meet up with honey boys there they were in the mid afternoon.
like min after I can see thousand of gnus near the main crossing and this time I would not join the mass on the backing sun at the crossing rather see the boys.
I meet then Notch sons two of them looking very proud.
I then left to for lunch and drove the air strip this was a very quick one but nice at the same time.

Many thanks 
for coming to kenya 


Jackson Looseyia.


littlewid said...

Your visitors were in luck jackson, Shakira & girls, Honey's boys and Notch's sons, what a treat for them.

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

A great update thanks and how wonderful for your lucky visitors.

Uwe Skrzypczak said...

The is wounderfull pictures.
Thanks for the works.
Greate Uwe + Dani from Germany

Michael Joseph Parrish said...

Jambo Jackson,
Welcome back my friend.Hope you had a great time with your family and all is well.
Glad you were able to show your visitors a good time on the Mara.
Salaam for Now,
Mike in Texas

Anonymous said...

With Shakira as mom, the girls will learn their lessons well.
Keep up the good work Jackson, we depend on you to be our eyes and ears.
Mike in Texas

Anonymous said...

Jackson; Thank you for keeping us up to date on those Honey Boys and Shakira's girls. And the Honey boys must be really impressive. And Shakira's girls must be beautiful as well as their Mom.