Tuesday, 20 October 2009

walking on Kileleoni hills.

The mara have a lot to offer, in the last few days I was walking in our hills to see what had happen in the last few years of what is so call progress.
I found a small group of Black and white colobus monkeys this species have been endangered by the deforestation in the whole country.
I was so happy to have meet them and spend time with this troop for 5 hrs in the forest hill.

There is plenty more to see around and with the drought it very dangerous to walk without real knowledge.
I am off to meet with rest of my friends in the reserve tomorrow will update you on the Big cats of the maasai mara.


Anonymous said...

Jackson; What a fine day for you to see the Colobus Monkey's. sights like those can last a lifetime. And thanks for posting the picture.

littlewid said...

A lovely picture of the Colobus Monkey Jackson. I do love these little guy's.