Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Old Notchu

Dear Friends,
As you all know this boy is getting old but  he is still the boss of his sons to date.

His sons in the last few days went east with Papa Notch which is very scary for me and our friends, why?
That way is the mash pride is and more they heading that way, as you all remember the graces have little ones this may not be good news to them if notch goes back to claim his last kingdom.

As we follow him Notch there is no males in the maasai mara who can challenge them they are powerful boys.
I hope he can settle until the cubs with three graces are large enough to run away from this boys.
While we had been following the news of the ridge pride, After Snuggle tooth left the pride had accepted the boys but split into two, one lioness with the sub adults and the the other females are with Notch boys every now and then no more fighting the war is lost.
Some of the boys in the ridge pride are still not strong to defend or hunt for themselves still need help from there mamas poor things,
That is how it is in the wild if strong they will be the next power after notch ha.

See you all in my office 


Jackson Looseyia.


Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
It's great to have you back in the Office giving us updates on our favourites. The Girls & Shakira look really well, and old Notch still looks a Big powefull Cat, I hope as you say the cubs grow enough to make it before the Boys arrive. I'ts interesting that you say some of the Ridge pride females are spending some time with Notch & the boys as this would explain A Governers Camp update saying that the boys were with females although they mention the Paradise Pride, one of our members from the BigCatFanz Forum who returned a few days ago was saying the 6 were still all together
Thanks for keeping us updated Jackson


dawn said...

I love your blog. I look forward to reading it every week.Thank you so much for all the stories and info. on my favorite place and animals.Please never quit so many of us in the states depend on you. Peace be with you, Dawn

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back in the office Jackson. hope you enjoyed the time at home though.
I also hope the cubs manage to keep out of the boys way!!
how powerful do the 3 cheetah cubs look now - wow!!
fab picture of the colobus monkey too.
I love the Masai Mara too and i haven't even been there. you bring it alive so well Jackson so thank you!
Asante sana (hope spelt it right)
Apesey xx

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Let's hope all the cubs stay safe. Notch is such a wonderful cat, for me, he's simply the best.
Thank you for an enlightning update.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It's great to see Notch in such good shape. I hope he takes back his lost patch. I did have a question. As I understand it lions usually kill cubs so that their mothers come back into season and are ready to mate. Aren't the three Graces Notch's daughters? If so I presume he or his sons wouldn't mate with them. Equally Notch's boys woudn't mate with their mothers and aunts (Red,Bibi etc).

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,
Let say if they take over the marsh pride, they will mate of cause the out come is what we dont know.
they are truely related lions.
This is my first time ever to follow effectively one group of male and females.
with the new tec, having communication, cameras, we are able for the fist time ever to prove the movement of this cats in the mara.
You remember as always after the diary are over we cant tell what happen to Kike Tamu, and the list goes on now we are every one have got them in there mines that this is so and so great news you know.
So we wait and see what happen.




It is never too much to say again that you do a great job tracking these bigcat families for us, Jackson. Your office is always very busy and you have a lot of land to cover...lot of work. The lions's, cheetahs's and leopards's aspects of their lives always puzzle us, and you then teach us a lot about them.

Asante sana.
Cassio & Alessandra.