Saturday, 17 October 2009

shakira and the girls

Dear all,
Just a day after coming back the office this what had happen, the girls are fab they have make another kill anther owen shakira did not do any thing I watch the whole thing from start to end.
If you all remember the little treated cubs by every every thing include Jackals now they are so big the kill on there owen love every moment.
One thing they have not learn is to kill quickly and eat fast, as I watch with Shakira they still need to know a lot of other predators are in the mara.
One large hyena come strait to take over but could not a locate the prey at once and shakira was watching the whole time and by luck the eat this time I don't know tomorrow they will know before the part.
Yesterday evening they finish the meal and cross the talek towards the south with them good luck.

Best wishers to you all

Jackson Looseyia.


acinonyx said...

Thank you for your updates ! ;-))

littlewid said...

It's good to have you back Jackson. Lovely photos. It sounds as if it won't be long before Moja, Mbili & Tatu soon leave their mum. Thanks for the wonderful updates from your beautiful office.

Laikipia said...

Ah those beautiful cheetahs - great that they are doing so well and sad that they will soon go their own ways.

Asante Sana Jackson -