Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I had never had enough of this Cheetahs.

In all my drives when ever I meet up with Shakira its like meeting up with Kike when she was a live there is some energy around her I am sure we have  a lot to learn from them.
He job now is to look after the girls not to get into trouble not feeding them its to the contrary they are feed mum.
While the hyena was looking at them she did not eat fast, look out for danger every min she know not only super hyena are dangerous but also lions could be attracted by the all-am tomy in distress.
Well look at the two of the girls very big and strong if you check the size of there chest now you know the power in the three girls.
Our main challenge is to ID them from now on until they have separated from shakira.

I am off to see them and I will update up all on the marsh lions, Honey boys, the J5 , the Ridge pride among many other in our impressive office.
I love the maasai mara.


Jackson Looseyia.


Working Credits said...

Wow, what amazing and beautiful creatures. It is so inspirational to look through your blog and see these beautiful animals. Cheetahs have always fascinated me. Thank you.

littlewid said...

WOW Jaackson, those girls sure have grown, they look so well, Shakira has done an amazing job. They reaally don't look like the bundles we saw in Big Cat Live.
Thank you for the update

deb said...

thanks jackson. I love your updates especially the cheetah news as they are my favourite of the big cats

selin said...

was shakira kike's cub

Anonymous said...

Thank you for so many beautiful pictures Jackson.

Shakira is indeed a very interesting cheetah to follow.
She also reminds me of Kike and of course of Honey.

Two very good mums, it's sad that they aren't alive anymore, but I'm sure their cubs will give us just as many beautiful moments.

Kind regards

Andy from Belgium