Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Notch family

Dear my Rafikis,
I coulnt wait to go and meet up with little cubs that are born in Notch new family.
It was a very quick one in the after noon when we look and look but no luck so far they are so little the Lioness is still shy to bring them in the open.
However I meet up with not near the main crossing on musiara side.
Notch was full he hadly walk even though he got a one of the lioness with him and I think he might be on last days of honeymoon.
The boys were near by everyone of them flat on there backs especialy when the wildebeest are every were its meal time, really easy one.

I had been looking for Kali to update every one for the last few days he got lost but he was again back to my home are I meet him with Paul Kirui together  with Thou. 
I was so happy to see him again and he is hug, the reason he is in and out is because of his father Big Boy now he can see a young leopard who could take over his kingdom, that is why Kali is getting careful.
Binti on the other had had been harass by the cars in the last few month we have been away to an extent she is feed up any time you come a cross her she charge the cars.
I have been seeing her near our camp every other day, since Olive is in and out of the this teritory Binti had a lot of visitors.
Lorian is back too we meet her last few days full of her self and lot of food the gnus are every where in Rongai and Pose plains which is her territory.

I m yet to update you all on what Red and her Family doing but need to break up for family tomorrow when I come back to the office my mission will be red and white eye, and little notches.
Again thank you all for the good work re. Miujisa funds.
God bless you 

Jackson Looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Thanks for the update!! Notch is looking as handsome as ever :) Thanks for the giggle about being on honeymoon - that was great haahaa.
Its such a shame to hear about Binti being so fed up, people really need to accept these animals boundaries and read the signs of when enough is enough, poor girl. Looking forward to updates on the girls of the marsh pride. I'm sure with all this food on the menu, they will be doing well.
Have a nice break with your family, Take care and best wishes,

catdiaryfan1 said...

Thanks Jackson for your updates!! I wanted to know how bibi and tamu are doing...cheza and sala..and solo..haven't heard anything about them in awhile. Also any word on honey's cubs? please keep the updates coming...i hope to come out there one day. Do you provide any tours so that we can see some of the cats from big cat diary? Take care...Rosa

Camilla said...

One of the places you could visit if want to see the stars of Big Cat diary and to meet Jackson is Rekero Camp in the Mara. Have a look at www.rekero.com

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson.
What a great picture of Notch, your right he looks as if he can hardly walk, what a honeymoon he must have had!!!
Like paula says, sad that Binti is fed up, a bit more consideration is needed I think.
Great update though Jackson, glad kali is ok and not getting into trouble with Big Boy.
Have a wonderful time with your family and look forward to your next update from the Office.
Take care

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