Tuesday, 7 July 2009

so mach action here

The Girls forecast on a prey
Dear all,
Its had to choose between the actions, a lot to see and witness wooo.
I went for and evening drive to meet up with Shakira and I so so much action, first was big boy on a kill, then Olive sleeping resting after a meal, and finally Shakira and her three girls watch by 7 lions.
What an evening its time to be in the mara, so much to see.

When we meet the girls and there mama Shakira it was low light, Shakira was hunting very late and thank God she dint get any thing lions were not far off from her.
I then wanted to take good pictures of the Girls faces but not this time may be today.
Its now good time to mark them and full face ID i can now tell them apart.

The braking news is coming soon the little Notchers they are now here at last haaaaa.
Love the mara so much.
Off for more actions.

Love Jackson Looseyia.


dianelionlover said...

lovely photo's of the girls, have there been any signs of Snaggle Tooth from the Ridge Pride of lions lately?

can't wait to hear more on Notch and boys.

BigCatFanz said...

Brilliant news!! I am very excited for you all there! Very jealous as always but so greatful we have someone to keep us informed :) The girls are looking so big now!! Can't wait to see how we can tell them apart!
Take care and look forward to your updates x

Anonymous said...

Wow fabulous pictures, love the one of the cheetah in the tree!! I can't believe how big the girls are now, i can't wait to see how you can tell them apart either!!
Waiting for the next update with so much going on!!
Take care
Apesey x

Anonymous said...

Before anyone corrects me, i should have put leopard up the tree, don't think my brain is really working today :)
Apesey x

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
It all sounds so exciting in the Mara at the moment. Lovely pics and can't wait until Moja, Mbili & Tatu are all idientified, it will be wonderful to be able to tell them apart.
Love the "Little Notchers" can't wait to hear more about them.
Sounds as if you are having a fascinating time.
Thanks for all the updates, just love them.

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acinonyx said...


Mama Duma said...

Many thanks Jackson for another wonderful update. I'm also looking forward to seeing the ID for Moja, Mbili and Tatu. Shakira has been a real supermum.
Honey's boys look set to rule the Mara for a while! If the Lion is "King", they should be the 3 Princes!
Love MD x