Friday, 24 July 2009

The ridge pride

Goodmorning all,
After a short brake at home now back to the maasai mara.
One day after I started asking where is Kali, and Olive they guides said not far from camp just around the conner.
While I thought when to go out and look for one of them just to fill better after such bad news of Mama ya lorian.
I sow One lion near the camp, which lions are those no one can tell, I jump into a landcuicer with Charlie, Sam, and there ayah Pricila.
This is the Ridge pride great news 8 of them, there look nervers I dont know what is happening with them though must be some changer.
Last evening Kereto so a young Male with two of the females of this pride it could be a big change for them.
Where about is Snuggle tooth we don't know he is gone we have not seen him for a few months, the last time was seen near our camp near Rhino ridge but after that we don't know what had happen.
I went to the transmara for a day and ask if any one have seen him and a ranger said he left to Lamai Wage serengeti in May.
He was chase a few times by the young upcoming boys and I think he had enough so he left.
This pride is always close to our camp I had follow for years since this Large females are Cubs and  all of this subadult you see are born not far from our camp.
If any one see Snuggle tooth soon please let us now if your on safari in transmara of Seregeti west.
See you soon 


Jackson Looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson, good to have you back :) Hope you had a nice break with the family. Sounds like there may be some new males on the block stirring things up a bit! Who knows what the future holds for these prides. One day one male could be the Top lion in his territory, then all of a sudden a new male can crop up and change everything! I do hope that we hear of snaggles whereabouts soon, He is a scruffy boy, but has so much pride in his eyes in all the photo's I have seen. Hes hopefully out there somewhere, just finding a new territory, but he will have it tough especially if he wanders in to a young males territory.
Fingers crossed he stays safe x

Mama Duma said...

Welcome back Jackson and thanks for the update. Hope you had a good break with your family. Has there been confirmation yet of who was guilty of killing Mama ya Lorian?
Loved the photo of the Ridge pride - they do look alert to something! Also hope you hear good news soon about Snaggles' whereabouts.
Love MD x

Laikipia said...

Thanks for the update Jackson, and hope your time with your family was good.

Looking forward to news of all the Big Cats when you catch up with them all.

littlewid said...

Hey Jackson, Lovely picture of the Ridge Pride and good to get some news on them.
Like the others I hope Snaggle Tooth is ok, sounds like good sense to me to leave rather than get in a fight, lets hope he is doing ok and not getting hassled.
great to have you back and I hope you had a good time with the family.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Glad to have you back Jackson, thanks for the news on the Ridge Pride, and it's good to know Kali & Olive are OK, like the others I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Snaggle Tooth. Hope you had a great time with your family, but it's nice your back in the office


dianelionlover said...

Jackson: I have heard rumours that one of the three graces died at the beginning of the year and now there are only two lionesses and the two cubs.

Can you tell us anything on this?