Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Mama ya Lorian R.I.P

Mama ya lorian a few months ago. (pic by Paul Kirui).

Dear all 
Yesterday was a very sad day in the office, the news come as always unexpected a dead leopard.
'' Where is it" Near your camp oo no, Run into my Land cruiser hurry up guides I had some bad news of may one of leopards had been killed by lions I hear.
We run before lunch calling other guides we who care about our wildlife and before we new we had a lot of cars tourist and other people.
Oo no not again we all sat on the plain some touching some taking photos while others were shock why why you.
I call the Senior Warden to let him know about the sad news he call me back and thank us for our concern and he instructed the rangers to take the skin off for KWS just in case one man my take advantage and sale.
We are lucky to had found before the rangers and photo for the future Id.
I know we all love this magnificent animals however this do happen due to small territories and food competition that come with the migration.
We then such for Kali and Olive in the evening to see any sign of score or wounds but I had not seen them at all.
I m sure well be able to tell you who would have kill Mama Lorian.
Surely this office can brake you heart or can lift up your spirit with activities, some time make you lough.

Love you all 

Jackson Looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Thanks for the update again, her pictures of her a few months ago are lovely x RIP x It must be such a downer in the camp, as you have been having alot of exciting news about the migration, and notches cubs. Sometimes just when your on a high, you can be dragged back down to reality and end up feeling a little down. I know that you never know what tomorrow brings, good or bad news, but I do know that its all how nature manages the balance of life, its just so heartbreaking sometimes! :(
Well I hope you have a nice time away, and no more sad news when you return to camp. It does make you wonder how the other leopard/lion etc is who did kill lorians mum, as you tend to think, well how are they? did they have a serious fight and the attacker could be injured seriously? I hope this isn't the case, but its hard not to think of it..
Well look forward to your next update!
Best wishes to you and your family x
Paula x

whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the update even though it's sad news you bring us, unfortunatly it is the law of the Jungle as they say. Only the strongest survive. Lorian will always be remeberd, such a beautiful Leopard. Have a good time away with you family, and lets hope when you return tp your office there will be news, of more cubs for our Big Cats, who will be the stars of the future, that will help us over the sad news of Lorian who will not be forgotten

RIP Lorian


catdiaryfan1 said...

Hi Jackson...i hope you have a blessed day. i'm a bit confused is it Lorian that died or Lorian's mother. If so does lorian's mom have a name that we big cat diary fans would know? Do they have to take the skin off if the leopard was found first by the organization and not by the poachers? Can't she be buried in tact? This is just so sad all around but I know this is just a cat's life there in the mara.

littlewid said...

Hi Jackson
Thanks for the further update. What gorgeous pictures of Lorian's mum, what a beauty she was.
I too find it very sad that she has been de-skinned but I presume that has been done as she is not going to be burried, I imagine your aim is to leave her for food for the other predators, hard to accept but I know that is life in the office.
I trust her soul rests peacefully x