Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The ridge pride

Once again the Ridge pride had paform well this morning they made the best they need for all thirteen of them a Zebra.
As I was laying in bed I got woken up by a nomardic male lion who has been following the pride for almost month but as it such on there was no luck.
The pride went towards the ridge and hide there for most of the night and then a surprise a small group of zebras came to there view.
One of the guides said there here but look like hunting come slow.
Fred and John are the main guides in the two lucky groups in camp and the show started, We thought fist they will go for the small one in the group but they aim high and got the largest of all the main stallion.
I feel good for them since its a large pride and had been chase around by this young nomadic male.
Where is he from we don't know I will only think from TZ.
All good for the pride 


Jackson Looseyia.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson,
Thirteen of them, they are doing well, I hope the nomadic male doesn't cause trouble for them.
I am pleased their hunt was successful but by taking out the main stallion will that affect the herd of Zebra's? sorry if that sounds a dumb question.
Thank you as ever for the update

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson and thanks as ever for the update. They certainly didn't do any half measures with that kill! How many lionesses did it take to bring the stallion down? Glad they all had a good meal, sounds like it was well earned. Maybe the young male will slink back to TZ now....
Love MD x

Laikipia said...

Thanks for the update Jackson - great to hear what is going on there.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Littlwid,
It will affect them for a few days but they will accept another male to join them.
We have to accept the fact some of the most beautiful also get in trouble like this one.
Live must move on.



Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Mama Duma,
In this pride we have 4 lioness however they move a lot from our camp area to the middle of the conservancy, one of the four does not move to the conservancy and she had lost two of the three cubs.
I hope I have answered your Q.

Jackson Looseyia

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Laikipia
Your welcome I hope I get you as close as possible to the mara actions.



Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Im hoping to visit in February !!!

Can't wait ........

dianelionlover said...

Jackson: I heard that one of the three graces died in January of this year, and that there are now only two graces with their two cubs.

Can you tell us anything on this?

Diane Miller
Naples, Fl

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Dianelionlover,
I want to come back to as soon as I can on the three graces for some reason lions from the marsh pride are always dying from some reporters but when I go there it alway wrong info.
Just give a week I will be at Governors camp for three days and will tour the whole area and I m sure the the three grasses will be on my list of activities.

for asking

Jackson Looseyia.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Thank you for your reply. It's good to know the herd will settle down and accept a new male. Life is tough sometimes but we have to accept it and move on as you say.
Thanks Jackson.