Friday, 3 July 2009

Honey Boys

Dear all,
I had found out where the boys have been doing and I couldnt resist to update you.
Honey boys are doing fantastic let me tell you and for some of you who are coming to the mara look forward for action from this powerful young boys.
We have seen them take some of the largest animals cheetah would not no-marly do but they can in there coalition of three strong boys.
Just yesterday they killed a young Zebra below the rhino ridge Topi plains.
When you meet this boys after a few month of separation a smile comes into your face and you say Jambo vijana just hope they can here my words.
I always look at this cheetahs with a lot of respect and remember how powerful they had became.
In the area we don't have any large cheetahs male who can challenge them so go boys go spread your gin-pool beyond your territories.
I have other good news too the Notch boys wow they have grown so large and powerful with the migration just started I cant tell you what the will be doing haaaaa.
Cant wait to see there power take over the whole mara.

Best wishers 

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
Great to hear Honey's boys and the Notch boys too. Fantastic photos!! still waiting on news of Kali - when you find him!!
Take care
Apesey x

BigCatFanz said...

Thanks for the update Jackson! Honeys boys are so powerful!! I will never forget the way they harrased shakira!! It was very intense, I bet it is when they hunt too! Hunting at night too didn't they?! They seem to be crossing all the usual cheetah boundaries haahaaa.
That photo of Notch's son is great! They have grown so much!
Thanks for keeping us all updated, it was another great read x
Take care,


Asante sana, Jackson. This update is so great.

We are counting down the days to be there in September in Rekero to see the Wildbeest Migration, the Honey Boys, Notch, Shakira and cubs, and all other beloved bigcats you follow.

Great pictures you bring in this post. Specially Notch`s.

Tutaonana nawe,

Cassio & Alessandra.

dianelionlover said...

lovely update!

check out the mara predator id base and learn to id the marsh prides lions.

dianelionlover said...

Also check out for more news of the Mara and our favourite animals.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
great update as always and so good to see Honeys boys, they are spectacular aren't they, a credit to Honey.
Just been watching a programme on the migration, the mara is going to become a very busy place soon, good for the cats but not so good for some of the Wildebeest. I should imagine Notch and his boys will be right there when the migration happens, lets hope they all stay safe.
take care

Little Lisa said...

Dear Jackson

Just love your updates of all the big cats. Honey did a really good job with these guys, lovely to see and hear about their antics.
Notch's boy looks very handsome too - ladies watch out!

Just wondering whether when Shakhira's girls separate if they will run into the honey boys again and have some offspring which would be lovely.

Hope that that Khali is still ok and the rest of the Jackson 5.

Best Wishes

Little Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Honey's boys.

Jackson, i hope you read this because i have a suggestion for why there is the jackson 5.

4 of the 5, Olive, Bella, Binti and Ayah are all female so they stay relatively close, overlapping teritories and as for Kali, he was dependent on Olive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Honey's boys.

I would like to know if the masaimarafund is the right place to help Miujisa?

Thanks a lot I know you are very busy,


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Ananymous,
I m glad to tell you masai mara fund is the a good place to donate.
You will be deling with Paula she is also none as BigCatfanz

God bless you

Jackson Looseyia.

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yes masaimarafunds is one way of donating. I will send you a verification/thank you email anytime I recieve a donation, so as soon as I see a new donation, names will appear on the Masaimarafunds website under "Miujisa Updates". Thank you so much for your kindness, and to all who have been continuing to support this worthy cause. x

Anonymous said...

Jackson; I have alot of questions on my mind. And I hope you can answer them if you read your blogs. I donate to the cheetah conservation fund and would like to donate to your group also but only for the cheetahs. But I have no idea where to send it to.It is a shame for the most graceful of all the big cats the cheetah to be decimated my predators. In all the videos etc. I have seen and heard the biggest threat to them are the lions. There are others but the lion does the most damage to them. You stated earlier in one of your blogs that Itchy had cubs I wonder how they are doing. Also I am a great admirer. Of the great cheetah Honey. I have pictures of her right by my computer. And she was killed by a terrible mishap. But now she is in the hands of God where Toto and her female cub are. I wish them peace and harmony where they are. Also Shakira lost 2 cubs. She has done a great job protecting the 3 girls she still has. And for the mother Cheetah by the airport to loose her life as well as her cubs. Were there any signs of any one of them alive. I am curious over a photo that I have found from one of your photographers of a cheetah cub that was partially blind how is that cub doing. And I have done some reading that the cape buffalo have been found to have TB and if it has hit the Mara. also I would like to know if you have seen Allana and her last surviving cub and I do have to say that you are doing a great job keeping us informed. And Honey would be so proud of her boys they have turned into a fine group. But it is kind of heart breaking that the cheetahs gene pool is being destroyed by the lion. And no wonder they are inbreeding and having deformities. For I believe they are the most spectacular big cat there is. And for you taking care of those poor orphans.It really is heart breaking. I thank you if you can give me some place to send a donation I would be very grateful.

whitestarling said...

Hi Donnie

I agree with your comments on Cheetahs. On the BigCatFanz forum we did a survey of members on which was our favourite big cat, and Cheetahs came out top. Although we love all the other Big Cats as well. I do'nt know if you have read Jacksons update before this one, but there is still an amount of over £600 pounds outstanding that Jackson still owes for the new enclosure that was built to house Miujiza our little orphan Cheetah that survived despite her Mother being killed for days in the Mara before she was found. The enclosure also benifits three other orphen Cheetah cubs so it is a very good cause to donate to. As Jackson said earlier in this update to Anonymous he is happy for donations to be made through, and that donation will go directly to support the cost of the enclosure, and as Paula who set up the BigCat Fanz forum confirmed you will recieve a verication email, and your name will appear on the site. If you would like to check out the BigCat Fanz forum as well the link is


whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Fantastic to hear Honeys boys are doing so well they realy did look the real deal when they harassed Shakira. and it would be brilliant if ended up mating with Shakira when her girls have mived on or as Little Lisa said the girls themselves when their old enough.
Wow the son of Notch realy looks like a chip off the old block realy powerful looking. Great update
Asante san Jackson

Anonymous said...

Hi WhiteStarling, I sent there web-site they have set up for Miujisa. Because I am from the USA. And everything is in U.K. currency etc. And I have no pay pal account. I thank you for the help. But I believe they will get in touch with me. hopefully. And may you and others like us pray for the survival of this great animal. And I thank you your help. Donnie, And I thank you for the help.

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Donnie,
I have recieved your email and I am just replying to you now x

whitestarling said...

Hi Donnie
Your welcome. Just to let you know there there has been a June Game report from the Masai Mara it has been posted by Chui who is one of our members from Nirobi Kenya there is news of Shakira, and her girls also Honeys Boys and a new pregnant female Cheetah, as you love Cheetahs so much I thought I would let you know. You can check it out on our forum the link is in my last message. You will find it in the Big Cat Chat section. We did have another member from America but we have'nt heard from her for somtime.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Donnie,
I will try and answer some of the Q you have ask me through my blog.
I m really impress how much you know about our cheetahs and the area in general.
Fist is I agree with you lions and hyenas are the biggest threat to our cheetah in the wild, we cant do any thing about it they both belong here savannas of Africa.
I had reported some cheetahs on my blog but some of them had gone out of the area to TZ and some out of the park into the conservation area like Allana and her only server cub.
Once they live my office block it becomes head for me to follow them I will be relaying on out side souse which I cant report it on my blog.
The cheetah with a blind cub gave birth to three lovely cubs and I believe she is the one we call moyo and the only member a live is little MIUJISA.
The blind cub was killed by lions heat breaking but it was expected since it will have no other defense without eyes.
Some of this news are heart braking but you ask I answer you sorry if you are crying now.
I and you have to accept the fact this animals are here with us and they have a big problem which we cant change.
I love all the big cats I will not blame any of them when they do what do its just how life is cruel to some species like cheetahs.

I have not head any case of TB with our buffalos it could be here but we may not know until its prove by our vets I really dont know.
With our cheetahs gine pool, my answer is as long as we have the parks and more conservations areas in Africa we will have the cheetahs too.
I have been very busy working with Government officals and NGOs to inprove the wildlife areas and its hubitats without planting a side to the people of our world we will loose every thing cheetahs inludeded , polo Beers, Whales, Snow leopards and the list goes on.
I m now going to give you and email you can send the donation to.
have a good evening

warm regards

Jackson Looseyia.

Anonymous said...

Whitestarling: Thank you for all the web-sites to check out. I have been donating to the c.c.f. for about four years. And I have donated to another group also Big cat rescue. But with big cat rescue I have told them on my donation I only want it to go to the cheetah. Which they have assured it does. May I say if I was in that area of Africa I would surely donate my time to help in caring for orphan cheetahs. Again I thank you for all the information you have given me. Donnie

Anonymous said...

Jackson; I thank you for your input of the questions I have asked. I kinda of figured the blind cheetah wouldn't make it. The poor cub. And I am glad Allana is still going strong I have her picture also with her and her cubs by my computer. And I know there are many animals in peril. The Rhino, Mountain Zebras and I agree the list goes on. I am glad you wrote me back. I wish you luck with Miujisa and the other orphans. And I do plan on donating to a worthy cause it will not be a big amount for I am laid off but things will turn around. And I will support your cause. I have read another program that is going on for the survival of the cheetah they are using a species of dog to keep the cheetah away from herds of animals who the people depend on for their lively hood. I can't remember the dog, but it has increased the population of the cheetah my 1/3. And it has worked so good they are going to try it in Kenya. Nice to know that humans will live with the cheetah. And I have been reading about cheetahs for a long time. And I will be sending you my donation. For you have done a great job caring for them orphan cubs. Donnie

Ann said...

Thanks for the wonderful updates.
I really enjoy reading about the big cats (esp. cheetahs). I hope to visit sometime in 2010. I emailed to get info on where to send a donation from the US. I can't wait to see the big cats for myself!

Joseph said...

Good news to hear about these boys.It has been a long time since i heard of them.They are absolutely part of me,and have wondering where they have gone.Please you can contact me through phone numbers; 0727 839 818 / 0735 341 792.Now days based at Iseyia station. Pole for the great lose following the death of mama Lorien,as Guides and conservationists, the lose was heavily felled.I hope the living ones survives. Good luck Jack!

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