Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Breaking news Dead leopard.

Paul and I very sad looking at mama lorian.

I was in the office this morning when I recieve a call from Paul Kirui our senior guide in the maasai mara national reserve.
Bwana Jackson I had there is a small male leopard found dead near your camp'' I jump up at once head there look every where frastrated as any thing calling him and the park Warden finaly we had found it.

Few its not a boy to begining with and its not young aither so Its not Kali thank God, who is she Not Olive too, neither binti mmmmm.
Paul arrive in the sin about 20 mins after look around check and finally he said its Lorian's Mother.
We new her very well very shy girl always in a run if she see any cars more than one.
Ooooo rest in peace mama we all said very sad.
She was kill by another leopard we guess its Binti and Olive together work to bring her down but we are not sure.
The guides from deferents camps all arrive at the sin every one very sad indeed but well its just one of many.
I must say she was a powerful girl and she gave us lorian near Olkeju Rongai Rest in peace.

Jackson Looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

This is sad news x RIP lorians mum xxxx I really don't have any other words to say right now x Run free in the savannah sky beautiful leopard x



Well it the jungle law, the territorial dispute between individuals of the same species. In the other hand it is always a sad news to know we lost such successful grown up big cat.

Obviously these guys need more space not to fight with each other.

Cassio & Alessandra.

Anonymous said...

sad story

i know this may be bizzare but from big cat live, as you hoped, i have some respect for the hyena's despite the fact it was they who probably killed shikira's cubs but could you possibily keep us updated on them as well please.

The ones that were shown on the webcams if possible


Joe Crammond

Camilla said...

That is so sad, leopards to me are the most beautiful of all the big cats. I was lucky enough to see Loria whilst in the Mara last year as well as Binty and Olive. It is so sad they have killed one of their own kind.

Mama Duma said...

Oh Jackson, how very sad. It breaks my heart when an animal dies. Was she an old lady? Would Binti and Olive have killed her because she was in their territory?
A great, great shame.
Pumzika kwa amani Mama Lorian,
Love MD x

littlewid said...

So sad. RIP Lorian's mum. Bless you x


Anonymous said...

I feel saddened by the loss of such a graceful hunter as your leopards. They to me are your better hunters of all the big cats. May she R.I.P. And I am becoming to like them very much. From what I am reading and seeing.