Monday, 2 February 2009


Tatu looking I m inpress with your high Jamp.

We also had the privilage to interact with the female with older cubs she is also a star.
He cubs are so frindly to us to an extend of climbing the car I think this must have some connection with Kike.

Cubs scanning for pry but not the one in the car.
over the years with cheetahs they can be so adaptable to an extend of using our cars as termite mount to a locate prey.
while shakira was away up on the conservation this mama cheetah with her cubs give us perfect performance at paradise plains every day we have watch them hunt and there prey stolen by hyena.

Go Girl focast to your Prey.
The rest of our other carectors are well, the Notch club has been going a cross the river most of the time with the females they have taken over. Its not long before we have little cubs in April we are looking forward for this new family, with 6 lioness and the number of males it will be very hopefull.

Lorian have been hiding I can only say she got cubs too near olkeju rongai for the last month we look for her not a sign where she is, I will update you soon fingers cross that she have cubs.

The ridge pride at the other hand has also been crossing the river back and forward in to the conservancy. Snagle tooth got into trable last week some nomadic males cheese him for a few kilometers away, we then so hime with his whole pride although the pride have one small litter but at this point all going well.

Where Allana is I dont know after that had week she had she need a brake,the storm was so sever day before we couldint cross the rivers.
We have not seen the J5 for one week this just a result of heavy rain in the mara.
More news soon.
Jackson looseyia. 


Mags said...

Interesting times in the Mara Jackson, you seem to be very busy. I hope the tourist trade picks up this year. Good luck


Anonymous said...

The sight of the cheetah cubs on the cars was very enjoyable and as you said, very like the late Kike.
Can you let us know when the lion cubs are born

littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson and thanks once again for updating us from your office.

What an adorable picture of Tatu - I love the close up shot! Maybe she is going to be the sensible sister hehe.

Love the picture too of the cheetah cubs on the car. I wonder if they are descendants of the late Kike, one of my favourite ever cheetahs. They really are awesome animals.

Great to hear about my boy Notch too and how exciting that we may be seeing some mini Notch's soon!!

Oh, I hope Lorian has had cubs - wouldn't that be brilliant! Can't wait for an update on her. Looking forward to hearing about the J5 too.

Very glad that Snaggle Tooth is back with his pride after running into some trouble - what a great lion he is! Would love to see another pic of him soon too.

Lastly, I hope Allana is found safe and well soon although like you say, she needed a break and it may just be that she is lying low somewhere. Wherever she is, I hope her and her remaining cub are safe.

Thank you so much Jackson.

Take care

Little Toto x

loverofthearts said...

Jambo Jackson, Yes I heard the weather has been severe. A few friends in Djuma had it so severe that it blew out their equipment.
I'm so happy about the cheetahs that went on your car like kike. Kike had the boys right? Are these just random girls? I'm sorry my questions sounds weird probably:) I'm so happy about all of the big cats thanks to you for the constant updates! Also, if you know the Notch males and the females have started their own pride. What pride name do you call them?:) Also, are they really close to the Marsh Pride? Will there be conflict? All my best as always, Christina

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Wow what alot going on. I loved the cheetah cubs on the car, it really did remind me of Kike, what a darling she was.
Like littletoto I too hope we have some mini Notch's soon, wouldn't that be just great.
I also hope that Allana is just having a well earned rest with her cub and that they are safe and well.
Good question loverofhtearts, I am also wondering if Notch's pride has a about Notchradames...Notch and his Dames...sorry couldn't resist that one.
Gorgeous picture of Tatu, she's stunning.
Looking forward to some more news on the Jackson5.
Thank you once again Jackson for a wonderful update from your office.
littlewid -x-

Bren said...

Jambo Jackson!
Thanks you for updating us from your office.
Is very important to me.
What a wonderfull picture of Tatu (L
A huge HUGE to you and your family!

Take Care!

acinonyx said...

Hi Jackson. Quite nice to get fresh news from the Mara so regularly. Lorian mother ?? What a GREAT news for this lovely lady, so beautiful to photograph.
Keep well ;-))

jackaranda said...

Hello Jackson,
Very many thanks for the updates and all the wonderful photographs. It is just so good to get all the news. I am coming to Governonr's on 25th Feb.
for 3 nights and I wonder if you would be around at that time there. My daughter and I would very much like to meet you. We think you are doing a fantastic job.
I really do hope we will be able to see you.
Fiona Duthie

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson,
Well the Mara seems to be jam packed with activity with all the big cats this week, Great to see a close up shot of Tatu, how adorable she is, also the shot of the cheetahs on the car really does remind you of Kike.
It's great to hear of Notch, I know he will be a great dad too his upcomming cubs, like he has been with his past families.
I hope the K5 show up soon and all is well, and as for Allana, I really do hope she is doing ok, after her past events she really does deserve a good break too look after her remaining cubs.

Thanks for yet another great update!

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Another great update it would be great if the Cheetahs were related to the great Kiki they certainly have her fondness for Landrovers. Tatu is looking good. We are all waiting on BigCat Fanz for news of the J5, and it,s a race as to which member of the Forum spots your updates first to let the others know. I think Littlewids name is a brilliant play on words
Notchradames Pride certainly has a ring to it

Thanks again Jackson

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Thank you for sharing your latest report with us.
As always I'm already looking forward to what will happen next.
The Mara is such an extraordinary place...


M said...

Hi Jackson
How lovely to see the cubs having fun on the car- I always had a special place in my heart for Kike (that's why i wanted to know if there was any news of her before!) and i would like to think that perhaps these little ones may be related somewhere along the line- how lovely, although a little romantic!!

your news, as always, is very welcome and has put a big smile on my face. As a real Big Cat fan it is a huge treat to have such regualr updates of what is going on in the Mara.

I hope the J5 make an appearance soon and the thought of some little Notches is very exciting!!!
the photo of Tatu is gorgeous what a beautiful little thing!!

Littlewid- I like your thinking!!LOL!! very funny and i have to agree good questions loveofthearts- i too would like to know if the new pride has been named, what area their territory covers and if there is likely to be conflict with, my old friends, the Marsh pride.

keep the news coming Jackson- many thanks for your updates. Best wishes to you and your family.
Stay blessed

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson

Great updates again-hope the dreadful weather has now eased a little.
Jackson, I wonder if you could answer a question please.
Are the Three Graces, who lived on the periphary of the Marsh Pride, part of Notch's new pride? Have not heard any news of them for ages and they are such beautiful lionesses. Any news of them and a photo would be wonderful!

Keep well
Asante sana

littletoto said...

ilovecheetahs - A member of our forum, Bigcatfanz, is currently in the mara and confirmed that Scar of the Marsh pride was spotted mating with one of the three graces - so they're still around and presumably if one of them is mating with Scar they can't me in Notch's pride? I may be wrong tho. I agree with you - they are absolutely beautiful lionesses.

seiko said...


Thank you fo much for your blog.
I've been telling my friends about shakira and her cubs, that they are alive and well.

Thank you all for your hard work.


lin said...