Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shakira this morning

Dear all,
We have been following Shakira and the girls in the last few days and what a privilege to what she does to protect her cubs.
Today this what happen she defended her cubs so well, the girls on the other head went up a tree for safety.
No one have doubt if there are capable of facing this challengers, what threaten their mama is what will threaten them, fast, good climbers, as well as wonderful swimmers.


After shakira and the cubs sow the hyaena go the next task is how do we get down mama and Tatu?.
Tatu was in the grass while shakira and moja and mbili got cornered but in good safe ground.
If any one follow up this one species of cats you will have planty of activity all the time being hunting or hunted what a life in my office.
As shakira start to walk away from the tree cubs have to come down but it was a very tall tree.


Salaams Jackson Looseyia.


acinonyx said...

Superb, Jackson !!
I hope that Simon was there to film that !!

littletoto said...

Just awesome - what an amazing picture of Mbili jumping down that tree!!! Hope she is okay...

Thanks once again Jackson - Shakira and her girls are never far from my mind and always in my heart and it is great that we now get to know whats happening with them through you. Thank you soooo much.

Little Toto x

Bren said...

Just Wonderfull!
Take Care Jackson!

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson.
Thanks for sharing. Shakira's cubs seem to be going from strength to strength. Great news. I hope to catch up with them in September.

jackaranda said...

What a wonderful story Jackson. Am so pleased all was well. Amazing photos you have given us as well.
They are growing so fast and look so good.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Wow they sure do live life in the fast lane. So great that they are all ok and as littletoto say's what an amazing picture of Mbili jumping from the tree. Shakira really is teaching her girls well, she's a mum in a million.
Thank you for your continued amazing updates from your spectacular office Jackson.
Take care

sarahl said...

Thank you for bringing us this wonderful news and amazing photos!

You have really brightened up my day!

Thank yo so much!


loverofthearts said...

I'm soooo happy everything worked out! What an awesome mom!!!

Irene said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for all the news and the fabulous pictures. Its lovely to see Shakira and her girls.

Take care Irene x

Dannyr said...

Amazing pics, just shows how great cheetahs really are, and their is no doubt that shakira is a great mother.
The girls look huge!

Thanks again Jackson!


hik09 said...

Excellent news Jackson!! ;-)
Asante sana

BigKateLive said...

Thank you sooooooo much for the updates Jackson. It is so great seeing Shakira's girls growing up like this - the photos are great!

M said...

Hi Jackson
what a FANTASTIC photo!!!
I have to say that i love the Cheetahs so much and to get pics like this of them is so heartwarming!
Glad to see that Shakira is a stunning mother and has brought her little cubs so far.
many thanks for the updates they really are a joy to read.
Stay blessed and thank you

seiko said...

I love the pic os shakira's cub jumping off the tree.

What a great mother Shakira is,she is such a fighter!

Jackson, do you know what has happened to Shakira's grown up cub, Duma, do you?

thank you for your fantastic work


CatsEye said...

Long way down eh!

Thanks very much for the great pics Jackson!!!

Humanitarian lookout safaris said...

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Thane said...


Greeting, I'm new here. My name is Thane. I just watched Big Cat Week series recently. Somehow, I fell in love with Duma's sloppiness (the one abandoned by Shakira too early). I really want to have an update on her, if possible. Could you please let us know, Jackson? (I hope she's still doing fine, though some part of my mind has prepared to hear a bad news about her. She seemed very inexperienced, when I watched her.)

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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