Sunday, 8 February 2009

Miujisa Funds

Dear all,
Thank your for your respond on how to raise funds for miujisa it will help her a great deal and at the same time will let me see her all the time if she is near us.
This will be the starting point for all our other cheetahs we always need to help this species but not a lot have been done in the mara and it will give us the opportunity to help them.

We have are trust for our organization Call Rekero conservation fund trust with is registered in kenya and UK. 
This will be the best way I can advise you all to start the funds for Miujisa coz no tax to be paid from this end from the government point of view.
Please contact John Loveland in UK his email address is;

Thank you,
Jackson looseyia.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Thank heavens we have somewhere to send money for Miujiza so soon. Is this going to be the permanent place to continue sending money for Miujiza? I will email John right away and gather more information from him.
I am so pleased that you will be able to now keep an eye on Miujiza for the rest of her life, that is so comforting to know.
Thank you so much for all that you have done and will continue to do for one very special little cheetah cub and it is wonderful that now hopefully more can be done for the cheetah of the Mara...your beautiful office.
I know you will but please keep us informed with as many updates on Miujiza as possible please Jackson.
Thank you once again...i'm now off to email John.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Thank you for that. I was already aware of the Rekero Community Conservation fund. For those that want to read on:


BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson,
I have just read your recent update, and its great news that you have progress on the Miujisa Funds, and its great to know that her funding could be a start of something special for all the Masai Mara cheetahs! I feel that little Miujisa should stay where she belongs, in the Masai Mara. In my heart thats her true home, and I probably speak on behalf of alot of people, including the bigcatfanz forum, that we will do what we can to ensure you still see her, as I am sure she means so much to you(as do all the other animals of "your office" :) ).
I have read on the Rekero conservation fund trust, and I think that you have achieved so much already, and Miujisas fund should be a success also! Well done to you all in the Mara, and others who have been contributing to the funds that you all so desperately need. I have also contacted John about the Miujisa funds, and hope to have a response when he has time.
On behalf of bigcatfanz forum members, we hope in the near future we can all be rest assured that miujisa has a future with you all in the mara, and I am sure, with a little funds from everyone who can donate, it will go a long way to helping Miujisa, and all cheetahs there, have the quality of like that you hope for,
Best wishes,
Paula - Bigcatfanz

littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson,
This is great news that we are going to be able to contribute to little Miujisa's cause. As LittleWid and Bigcatfanz have said, that little cheetah has a very special place in our hearts and we all want to ensure a safe and secure future for her. But I'm sure we all wish this for all the mara cheetahs and it will be fabulous to get something set up so that we can all contribute as much or as little as we can afford. It will just be brilliant to feel like we are actually helping with the conservation of what is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful animal on this planet.

Little Toto x

littletoto said...

acinonyx, I have a question for you if you are reading. You said in a previous post that you knew Miujisa's mother. I was wondering if this brave cheetah had a name as I think if we are setting up a fund raising page for Miujisa we cannot forget the reason she is here in the first place and we should be remembering her mother too. I just don't want her (and indeed Miujisa's siblings) to be forgotten. Yet another brave cheetah mother who tragically paid the ultimate price when trying to protect her cubs. It just breaks my heart and I feel that in trying to help Miujisa, we are merely taking over where her poor mother left off. If it wasn't for her, Miujisa would not have made it this far and we cannot forget her. Sorry, this is a bit of an emotional subject for me but I just think that in all the excitement of finding and helping Miujisa, we musn't forget the tragic circumstances and the reason she is here in the first place.

So, if she has a name please let us know and we should try and remember her in some way in Miujisa's fundraising page.

LT x

acinonyx said...

Hello Jackson. Nice to have a quick answer. I just wrote an e.mail to John to ask how to send money. It would be nice if you could check how the money is spent because you remain the only local contact we know and we trust.
Littletoto : to my knowledge, Miujisa's mother did not have a name. She used to stay in an area just north of Olkiombo airstrip and we saw her every day in october 08 when she was pregnant (see : ). At that time Honey's boys, Shakira and cubs and this pregnant mother stayed very close to each other, so sometimes we were able to see 8 different cheetahs within two hours :-)). Anyway, if there is a webmaster for the Miujisa project, he is most welcome to use the pics he wants from the above link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson

Wonderful news, that not only will little Miujisa benefit but more can be done for other cheetah's needing help. Also, I agree with littletoto they are a beautiful animal. I have so much respect for what they do for day to day survival. I will email John and send a donation. Thank you for allowing us into your office and I feel priveleged to help

ilovecheetahs said...

Hi Jackson
Thanks for bringing Miujiza's plight to ur attention. I will email John straight away to get information and to send a donation.
Perhaps something could be put into place whereby money can be sent automatically each month through PayPal. I use this to send a monthly donation to CCF in Namibia and get regular update etc on how the cheetahs are doing. Of course these things take a little time to set up, but I am sure that other cheetah organisations would be very willing to give you advice.

To Littletoto-thank you for answeing my question about the three Graces. I am out of date with the Marsh Pride as I thought Romeo and Clawed were the Pride males. Do you know when Scar joined/took over?

Anyway, thanks again Jackson - keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.
Salaams x


Hi Jackson,

I was trying to build a page to point to the Rekero Conservation Fund, but to assign a Charity Fund they require that the Fund is properly registered in the UK Charity Counsil. The details of all UK registered charities supposely can be found on the Guidestar web site, but apparently the Rekero CCF is not there, what prevents from any donation page on be built to point to the Fund.

I wonder if the Rekero CCF has any registration number valid for the or if you have interest to register the fund directly there. I did this question to John as you indicated (hope he will answer soon).

The deposit directly to the UK bank account may not work for other countries (I am from Brazil, here it will cost more than 60 USD in the HSBC just to deposit anything to the Fund).

Tutaonana na we,

littletoto said...

acinonyx, thank you for your reply and your wonderful pictures. It is a shame that Miujisa's mother didn't have a name but we can still remember her.

ilovecheetahs, as far as I know (but I could be wrong as I do get easily confused) Scar and Pavarotti are the Marsh pride males but they are also known as Romeo and Clawed. I think that is the case but please someone correct me if I'm wrong. A few of the animals that we know of in the mara are sometimes known by different names (like Sita, who we all know as Shakira). I hope that helps.

Little Toto x

loverofthearts said...

Jackson, Jambo:) Great news about Miujiza:) I'm so glad your setting things up:) I will help and donate:) All my best:)

M said...

Hi Jackson
thanks for your updates- beautiful pics as always.
As everyone else has said i would be honoured to help out where and when i can so please let me know if there is anything that needs doing. I will contact John also to find out about donations. As Ilovecheetahs said Paypal would be a safe way to get money over to you for little Miujiza and all the other cheetahs that need our help.
keep the blogs coming
stay blessed

Tintagel said...

HI Jackson

Thank you so much for the information on how we can help little Miujisa. I look forward to hearing more about her and how she is going.
I hope she can return to the mara soon

littletoto said...

acinonyx, I was just looking at your photos again and just feel so sad that this beautiful cheetah mum didn't have a name. Even just looking at your photos its easy to see how feisty and brave she was. I think that we should give her a name in order that she can be remembered. I would propose Moyo as I think that means brave, courage in Swahili. Does anyone else have any suggestions. Hope you don't mind me keeping on going on about the mother but it just makes me feel incredibly sad and I just want her bravery to be remembered.

LT x

littlewid said...

I agree with you completely, I think Moyo is a wonderfully apt name for Miujiza's mum. She demonstrated complete bravery trying to defend her cubs. I can't think of her in any other way other than Moyo. To me that is who she will always be.

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson and everyone,
It's is great to finally hear that Miujisa has found a home and a funding process has been setup so fast to support her precious live, I will read up on the websites given for more information and hopefully make a donation to the cause. Also I greatly agree that Miujisa mother should not be forgotten, she played a big part in Miujisa life until that tragic day. I also think Moyo is a wonderful and truely fitting word, I hope her recognistion is met as she is true a great, brave mother who dome what every cheetah, also every other animal would do, protect their young. I true hope that Miujisa gets the support she deserves and a full life every cheetah experiences.
Thanks for the update once again Jackson :]


james said...

Leys call the un-named mum, SAS, sounds good as a female name, but as we know, the S.A.S are survivors and the little cub is a legacy of that mother!!!