Friday, 20 February 2009


Ranger Sanigo and Meikuya checking the condition of miujisa.

Dear Friends,
Its another busy day in the office when to see Miujisa coz I m going home tomorrow for short live.
Arriving there the rangers had a look at me like they wanted to say something and I said je nini.
Ranger Meikua said the KWS rangers came again it may happen what? Miujisa may be transfer to Nairobi but we are not sure the the senior warden had  lots of meeting because we refuse to let her go we love the little cheetah.
Ok I said when will I know what is happening with her life then? We don't know like any government its so much politics it may take two days or one year.
I was on the phone with the senior warden men what is happening with miujisa will she be transferred to nairobi? well you know .......

We are still fighting it coz any animals transfer from the mara being elephant, lions, or cheetahs have never been release back here that why we don't want this one to go away from moyo her mum home area.

In short I m going home and will not know what will happened to miujisa if to nairobi I will still follow her and make sure she get a good living and hopefully will be coming back  home .
But let us wait and see what is going to happen.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.


Xavier said...

Jambo Jackson,

That is rather worrying news. I do hope that they will decide that Miujisa can stay in the Mara.

Some tense few days ahead...


Anonymous said...

I also hope that Miujisa can stay in the Mara, where her mum lived. Have a good trip home!!
Apesey xxx

MaraMia said...

I do hope this can be sorted & Miujisa can stay in her home, the Mara.
Could Africat help in the short term until she can be rehabilitated to the Mara?

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
We have fought so hard to keep Miujiza in the Mara with you and in her mum Moyo's territory, surely the funds are rolling in to keep her there Jackson. Why are they trying to move her to Nairobi, I don't understand. This is not good news. Is there anything we can do on BigCatfanz? please let us know.
I am so sad at the moment, I can't believe they want to move her.
Jackson have a lovely time at home but please hurry back and give us news on Miujiza. I for one am not going to stop worrying until we get some news.
Take care Jackson

littlewid said...

Jambo jackson
Just had a thought is it going to be any help if we on BigCatFanz write to the Government in support of Miujiza staying with you in kenya. We have the Masaimarafund page set up to help support Miujiza. Can we do anything to help prevent this? please try and give us some word before you go if we can help at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson

Thank you for your updates. I feel so sorry for the little cheetah. Miujisa has been through so much in her short life already and will be even more confused.

She deserves a chance to stay in the territory in which she was born. She already has people who love and care for her and her future.

What now, do we need to raise a petition as well as trying to raise funds? I will live in hope that the right decision is made.


Thank you Jackson and the rangers for what you have done so far.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
This would be a great shame after everything that has been done to save Miujisa as others from BigCat Fanz have said I'm sure if we could get a contact who we could put some pressure on we could make a difference.
Talking about pressure we have heard from Lyndon who was with you last week that the BBC may not be doing a BCD/BCL series this year or next. BigCatFanz are complaining to the BBC about this it would greatly help if members of this Blog could support this by posting there views on the BBC Points of View message board under the heading Demise of BCD/BCL after all none of us would be on here without this series The link to the message board is below please support us everyone

Thanks Whitestarling

Tintagel said...

HI JAckson

What is the orphanage in Nairobi like? Would she have good care and alot or area to play? I hate to think of her leaving the Mara but more so if she ends up in some kind of zoo.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson,

Hi Tintagel, I have been worrying about that too. Apart from the fact I don't want Miujiza to leave her rightful place, my concern is why do Nairobi want her so badly, is it for a Zoo, a petting sanctuary or a breeding programme? on anyone of those accounts Miujiza would be captive and the aim of the Mara rangers, Jackson and the members of the BigCatFanz forum was for Miujiza to hopefully be returned to the space of Jacksons office and her Mum Moyo's territory, she would be free and if that could not happen then at least she would be with people who loved her and put her best interests first, she also has the masaimarafund to pay for her future, so whats behind moving her to Nairobi? it's not right.
Also please get behind us and whitestarlings link to help save BCD/BCL, without that programme we would never have been able to help little Miujiza in the first instance. We really do need as many voices as possible to help save the programme we all love and that has brought us together on Jackson's blog and the BigCatFanz site.

acinonyx said...

Jambo Everybody
Indeed that story doesn't smell good.
Indeed,the Nairobi Orphanage is a kind of zoo and to me it would be the worst end to this story. On the other hand, do the local rangers have the capacity to raise this cub for 18 months and reintroduce her in the Mara ? maybe the best option would be the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where Toki is still waiting for a female. What does Simon King think about that ?

Dannyr said...

Hello Jackson/All,
Well I don't like the sound of how things have turned out :/ Muijisa deserves to stay in the Mara where she belongs just as her mum Moyo once did, can the Government not see that in her best interest to be in the Mara and can they not see that it is in the interest of the ones who care for her that she stays in the Mara? It is easy too see if they just look at the funding many people have provided for Muijisa, I really do hope that after all Miujisa has went through she gets to be in the place she deserves to be. Espacially if this Nairobi place is some form of zoo, her life doesn't need to be behind bars in captivity for people to stare and poke at her.
Well I hope she gets what she deserves and I'm in support of her staying in Mara.

Thanks for the update and awaiting your next, have a good time on your trip home Jackson :)


littletoto said...


I don't feel I have anything substantial that I can add here as everyone has said exactly how I feel. It will be just unbearable if Miujisa ends up in a zoo. As everyone has already said, she belongs in the mara where her mother lived. I would hate for Moyo to have died protecting her daughter only for the poor darling, who has been through so much already, to end up being effectively used for some form of human entertainment.

Please let all do anything we can to prevent this. Miujisa belongs in the Mara.

Little Toto

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