Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Olive Taking her kill.

Dear All
I like to thank you all for your care and funds for our little Miujisa I have finally got in touch with John and sure he will answer some of you amazing thoughtful Q on how to get money faster.
I m telling you people who work in the first world , To make things effective and quick is just fantastic keep us inform how we can do. That lifestyle is just too cleaver for my way of life but I m ready for it as long as it get us what we need for little miujisa.

 I spend a day watching Olive and Kali from 6 am to 1 pm what a day to be with the J5. 

Jonathan Scott and Warren are leading a group in our camp all they need to say is we want to see the J5 no presure though ha ha.
We got lucky to be with them from the morning to later in the afternoon while Kali play with the kill up the tree, and at end he drop it but got too jealous to share with his mum though she went out to call him for food.
I don't think any one in the group of 12 will forget this experience of a life time with leopards.

The rains have made a lot of work more dificult still raining in the evenings so the river crossing are a lot hadder getting stack, jacking cars and lost of pushing. This weather does not stop our preditors from actions as you can see Olive above.
It was a big storm.

After lunch we went to look for Notch Club we look for one hour before another driver told us well three are near the main crossing and 7 females and other males are with them not far from the paradise plains.
"Asanti sana guide",we finally sow them,  I said we here Bwana Notch can you wake up no sound, just think of the guest who badly wanted this old boy picture, but he did not want to get up on our time he will in his own time like any other King.
We all look at Notch yes it is Notch said Jonny and I said to him May be this male lion has a story similar to the one of the Green mile movie ha ha. Every one look at me what?? did you said.
I mean this boy have been around for a long time but look at his conditions look so good not a lot of wounds or scours what is this boy all about, I mean Notch look fantastic not like an old boy like the one we have at the mash pride.

"Waau" Its Had live for Notch need some food.

Any way I must get going the office need me see you soon.

Jackson Looseyia.


Sarah Skinner said...

Fabulous photos Jackson. Having spent so much time, and many many hours with Notch over the past 4 years its just great to see updates on him when I am not in the Mara. Its also great to see updates on the other 'stars' of the Mara. Thanks Jackson.

littletoto said...

Wonderful photo of stunning Notch - its a hard life he's got isn't it hehe. Great to hear you spent some time with Olive and Kali - Olive is a truly beautiful leopard and Kali is a little heartbreaker.

Thank you for continuing to update as on little Miujisa. I think we all now feel a very strong bond with this little cheetah and I know we will do all we can to help.

Thank you to those who agreed with me about naming Miujisa's mother Moyo. I hope we can remember her and indeed Miujisa's poor siblings in some way.

Thanks again Jackson.

Little Toto x

Whitestarling said...

Another brilliant update Jackson thanks so much. Yes Notch looks great for his age he is definitly a King among Lions.The BigCatFanz forum are hopeing you will meet one of our members today. Lyndon who is on Safari in the Masi at the moment as well as getting married over there.We hope you will have time to answer some questions that our menbers have forwarded to Lyndon about raising money for Miujisa. He is also posting on the forum pictures of the Animals they see on their journey if anyone would like to see them the forum is http://bigcatfanz.aforumfree.com/index.htm there are also photographs on there in the African Photo section from another follower of this site Xavier that show a lot of our old friends from Big cat Diary's That any Big Cat Fan will love to see. We also think Moyo is a brilliant name for Miujisa's Mum
Thanks again for another update Jacson from your office realy wish I could work in an office like that


loverofthearts said...

Jackson Jambo:) I am so happy everything is going wonderfully:)Thanks so much for everything that you do:)Are we allowed to friend you on Facebook? My name is Christina Wickstein:) All my best, Christina

loverofthearts said...

Thanks Whitestarling for the link:)

littlewid said...

Jackson wow what a day!!!!Amazing picture of Notch, he looks so maginificant, it's wonderful that he is doing so well.Great to see olive and kali and LT's right, Kali is a little heartbreaker. I hope Lyndon has been able to have a good old chat with you today, whitestarling is right, we from BigCatFanz sure sent him loads of questions to ask you and we have been so grateful for Lyndon's updates and pictures on the site and also the amazing photo's posted from Xavier, they both do your office proud Jackson.
Again thank you for keeping us in the picture with our beautiful Miujiza, she's in my heart and mind all the time and I so hope the funds come rolling in and that John will be able to answer some of our questions soon.
Take care in you beautiful office Jackson and look forward to the next update.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson.

Yet another great update. Thanks for posting.
We'll soon be putting in money to help little Miujisa.
The J5 are going from strength to strength.
I'm glad to hear the news about my old friend Notch. He looks great too (I have seen Lyndon's photo as well): virtually no scars.
I hope to catch up with him in September.

littletoto said...

Hi Jackson, I have just read a report which seems to suggest that one of the Marsh Pride females has died. I don't recall you ever mentioning this and was wondering if you knew if it was true and if so, which one was it?

If anyone else knows the answer please let me know.

LT x