Saturday, 7 February 2009


Dear Friends,

Its a beautiful morning today after some rain last night in the mara.
Lost of birds migrating north in large group from white stalks, swallows, buzzards, rollers, and bee eaters the sky is busy.

I went to see how our little Miujisa is doing and found her safe no problem at all from the look.
As she grow she start asking Q how long my going to be here Boys??
Her home is getting small she need some where to play and have some sun every now and then. At this point the rangers are keeping her safe from the other predators and they are doing great.

With my check today we need to do more for her e.g a large area for to play and one dedicated man to take her out and show the land she was born in I think she miss it.
However no hurry when to start we need funs of cause for this to happen in the park the rangers have other jobs, Miujisa becomes second and I m afraid to say so.

Any one have any idea how we can do this in a more professional way?? 
who will be in the position to raise funds to make her home larger and more friendly coz I don't know how to do that?
I have discourse with the rangers if its possible to make her place larger within and they said of cause we just need some funs to do it this all we can do they said.

I need your views on Miujisa home in the mara.
Asanti sana Jackson Looseyia. 


Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of people would be happy to contribute and help Miujiza even if it is only a small contribution every little helps. It could be called the "Miujiza help fund". All that would be needed is where to send it to. By the way how long will she stop with the rangers and what is her future?

acinonyx said...

Hello Jackson
I am quite concerned by this story (I knew her mother). If you need urgent money, I am sure that most of us are able to help you (her). You just have to leave us an e.mail address (for example You should be the owner of the mailbox and this is sufficient to send money very quickly and in a safe way via PAYPAL. A solution for the future could be to do a web page dedicated to Miujiza and her story, and invite readers to make donations. They do that at DeWildt Cheetah Research Centre in South Africa. According to the donation you make, you receive a certificate and a pic of the animal, and a newsletter. Moreover, generous donators are able to pay a visit once a year to the animal they adopted. See here :
If some of us have wildlife webpages (Flickr for example) we can put a link to the one of Miujiza to reach a maximum of people potentially interested by the subject.
Dr Olivier DELAERE

BigCatFanz said...

Hello Jackson,
I'm sure, as others have already that, that people would definately donate what they could for little miujisa! If you have difficulty in setting up a site with a secure donation section, then please do email me on as I'm sure I could set one up for Miujisa, as every little helps! x
I wouldn't mind at all by the way! :)
Kind regards,
Paula - bigcatfanz x

littletoto said...

Jackson, I agree with everyone else here - please get the help you need from Bigcatfanz or whoever to set up a site for Miujisa and I'm sure the funds will come in thick and fast.

Little Toto x

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

I agree with all previous posters.
I want to help little Miujisa too.
Maybe the justgiving site can be used, on which secure donations can be made.

In the past this site was also used to help Toki, another famous cheetah.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
As the lucky person who was able to give Miujiza her name, on behalf of the BigCatFanz site, I too have been worrying about this situation, as we all know it does cost to keep these magnificent cats safe and well and for their environment to be a suitable home for them and I have been having big concerns over Miujiza's future.
I would love to put myself up for being responsible as the owner of the "Keep Miujiza Safe Fund" but like you I have no idea how to do it, but if someone would like to help me then I am here and more than willing to take responsibility for the fund and to ensure that every penny goes to Miujiza.
Otherwise I quite agree with acinonyx and I believe that you should be the owner of the fund/site and I am positive that you will get all the help and advice from the suggested DeWildt cheetah research centre and I am sure your friends Simon King & Jonothan Scott will be able to help you; Simon must have lots of experience through Toki.
As BigCatFanz has said and littletoto, I am positive that all of us on the BigCatFanz site will only be more than willing to donate funds to help keep little Miujiza, who we all feel a very special bond with, safe and well and ensure she has the best future possible.
If I can be of any help to you I can be contacted on
as can Paula-BigCatFanz who is the owner of the forum and as she has already said is also more than willing to help, as will be the forum as a whole.
I know this is obvious but to whoever has the responsibility of "The Keep Miujiza Safe Fund" has to realise this is a responsibility for the rest of Miujiza's life.
With Kindest regards


I saw all the very good advices above, and I took a look at the site indicated by Xavier, it looks quite simple to start. So my suggestion would be to start with the account (we all cound place links on our flickr, bloggers and webpages to the donation page of Miujiza at until any of the other friends could really create a dedicated website and a donation account properly for Jackson.

The only thing is that the fund of the cause must be registered in a Charity Comission, anyway doesn~t look simple either, Jackson will need help about this as well.

Cassio and Alessandra.

IssyQ said...

Hello Jackson

Thank you for all your hard work in your office and in highlighting its needs, as with everyone else i will be delighted to invest not only in Miujiza's future but in the future of other cheetahs who are in need of help.

Once again thank you

acinonyx said...

P.S. Going back to Paypal website, I just found that Kenyan people are able to send money, but not yet to receive :-((., as proposed by Xavier seens very well adapted. In the meantime, for "emergency" money, we can use Western Union. Jackson just has to give us the name of a reliable person, with Identity card number and full address and we can start sending money.

littlewid said...

Maybe Jackson then needs to ask if Jonothan scott could be the named person as he also lives in Kenya but as he is not Kenyan he would be able to receive money. If not Jonothan then maybe Simon King as he has experience with the Toki fund.
Somehow this IS going to happen for Miujiza, we just all need to keep helping Jackson as much as possible.

loverofthearts said...

Hi Jackson:)

Can you call some of the people at Big Cat to help as well? Simon rescued cheetahs before. I'm sure he must know of a program where you could place Miujiza:)

Bren said...

Jambo Jackson!
I want help you, and help Miujiza, and I agree with everyone else here.
We need some way to donate the money!
I´m sorry for my English :/
Have a great day!


CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

She's gorgeous and she deserves a great life - so I couldn't agree more with what's been said.

As well as straightforward giving, do you think it's worth looking at something like 'ethical gifts'?

It's a concept that Oxfam have been successfully using; the idea is that people who want to buy friends or relatives a present (Christmas, birthdays etc.) give money to one of Oxfam's projects, in return for a gift certificate or small token (e.g. picture related to the project) that they then give to the friend or relative.

It seems to work well - and I'm sure Miujiza would be happy enough to pose for some postcards and mousepads and things!

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