Friday, 13 February 2009

In the office


Hi all,
In the last week we have been so busy following our big cats starting from the mash pride, shakira, honey boys, notch club, and the J5.
We had a funtastic week i must say the only succesful one on hunting as we watch was Shakira, honey boys, and Olive the mash pride in three atempt all fail poor things they need some thing soon.
However the pride is looking great no threat of hunger plenty in the mash it just a matter of when.
The Honey boys we not far from the pride but they succesfully got a young warthog in the mildle of the day but the mash lions had no clue.
The mash was full of elephant every conner there groups of tens twenty this time was one the best to be in the maasai mara the weather is great not a drop of rain blue sky just lovely.


Notch boys and there father on the other had have been succesful thy found a dead hippo near the main crossing and just imagine this heavy wait boys after a large meal they look like your Rugby players powerful looking boys we couldent go one game drive without sending some one to see how they are doing.

The Cheetah with Older cubs is now called Serena from most of the guids most of them agree she is a kike doughter.
She have have cross to the triagle a day ago and I think she is try to get away from the cubs they don't need mum now any day they will be independent.
Miujisa on the other hand have got some good news from our friends of Big cat a lot of people have given money for her new home and I have been given so many contact of specialist arround africa.
I had told saningo that Miujisa will have a good larger home very soon all of us with her and her late mum will be happy to we are doing something for only severer cub.
The website is up and running you can now log on. Paula did a good Job very fast that is what we need people who can take actions very fast.
John have been also working had in UK to answer some of your Q and I have been busy too from kenya to make sure every thing send to Miujisa goes to her account. 
This week will be good coz I m not too busy I will make some progress and you will be posted on how much we have raise and when are starting to construct her new home.

I was shock by they news of the females lion in the mash pride as far as I know we have not lost any of the members so far.
Red, White eye, Lesby, Bibi, and the three Grasses are all well including the both Males.
No one should worry at all about them it was a false alarm.
Thank you my friends for Looking after miujisa.
Salaams Jackson.


invinciblesimba said...

Thank you so much for another fantastic update Jackson - always love to hear what's going on in your office.

Glad to hear that all animals are doing well, even if the Marsh pride may be a little hungry - can't imagine they will stay that way for too long!!!

Totally agree that Paula has done a fantastic job with her money raisng wesbtie and am glad to hear that money has already started to roll in.

Take care


invinciblesimba said...

Ooops - meant to say what fantastic pictures of both Honeys boys and Notch - what a looker that lion is- truely stunning. Are they Lyndons pictures?


CatLover said...

Thank you so much for the great update Jackson! Paula has done a fantastic job indeed! I look very much forward to supporting Miujisa and any other animal that might need our help in the future!

acinonyx said...


littletoto said...

Thank you for a particularly good update Jackson. Brilliant pic of Honey's boys and one of Notch's boys. I completely agree that Paula has done a brilliant job and Miujisa's late mum, who we at Big Cat Fanz are calling Moyo, will be very happy.

I am so pleased that none of the Marsh pride have died - I was very worried as I have a soft spot for these females, particularly White Eye and Red. I hope the pride get a good meal soon! Great news that one of the 3 Graces have cubs. Hopefully see a picture of them soon.

Thanks for the picture of Miujisa too - the little darling still looks a bit scared but then who can blame her - it breaks my heart to think of what she saw and what she went through. I, like everyone else here, will do all I possibly can to help her get through this and grow up to be a brave cheetah like her most courageous mum.

Finally (I think hehe) I am over the moon that it looks like the cheetah mother known as Serena is actually Kike's daughter! That will explain the fondness of jumping on the vehicles! Kike has a very special place in my heart and its great to know that she lives on in another feisty cheetah mum!

Thanks again Jackson - and love to you in your most beautiful office.

Little Toto x

BigCatFanz said...

Jambo Jackson!
Thanks for spreading the news about the fundraising site, I am sure we will all do what we can to help Miujisa get a bigger home soon! I am so glad you are recieving funds already! Thats such a good start for her.
Glad to know all is well in the Mara, Including all of the marsh pride, that is a relief!
Lovely pictures you have here, and a great update on many of them x
Again thanks for all the information you have given us on Miujisa and your pictures.

How much funds alltogether would we need to raise to help Miujisa have a bigger enclosure? Its just so we know when will be close to target :P

Best wishes,
Paula - BigCatFanz

Xavier said...

Jambo Jackson,

Good news all around and Miujisa's fundraising website is up and running. Great.

So Serena is probably Kike's daughter - hence the jumping on vehicles.

Asante sana for another great update.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson, another wonderful update, i'm positive the Marsh Pride won't be hungry for long and wow what a lovely picture of Notch, he's still a stunner.
How brilliant that Serena is truely thought to be Kike's daughter, what a wonderful mum she had.
I am delighted that the funds are rolling in for little Miujiza, she truely deserves the very best.
Thank you for your continued brilliant news from your office Jackson.



excellent news about the fundraising site. Now we can post links to the page in our blogs and websites to help raising funds faster.

Great job Paula.

Cassio & Alessandra.

Keyur said...

Bwana Jackson,

Jambo Sana.

Please advise your mobile number - I am in Nairobi and would like to contribute to Miujiza's fund but dont want to use my credit card I can bank the money into the account straight from Nairobi.

Thanks and god bless you for your good work.


MaraMia said...

Wow, so much to catch up on! you've been very busy Jackson, thank you so much for all the updates
It's great to hear news of all the cats we've grown to know & love.
Well done for getting fund raisng going for Miujisi, hope she gets a new enclosure very soon as she's growing fast

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Great pictures again and thankyou for the news on our Big Cat friends. It's good news for Miujisa with the fund start up well done Paula, and Littlewid who chose the name, and did some great work contacting John and getting the details. Well done both of you the rest of us on BigCatFanz forum know how hard you have worked to help Miujisa

Keep the news and pictures comeing Jacson we all love them


CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

Thanks again for the great pics and great updates!

I've been away from your blog a couple of weeks, and without thinking just posted an idea for Miujiza way back (where you may no longer find it).

Here goes; hope it's useful -

Hi Jackson,

She's gorgeous and she deserves a great life - so I couldn't agree more with what's been said.

As well as straightforward giving, do you think it's worth looking at something like 'ethical gifts'?

It's a concept that Oxfam have been successfully using; the idea is that people who want to buy friends or relatives a present (Christmas, birthdays etc.) give money to one of Oxfam's projects, in return for a gift certificate or small token (e.g. picture related to the project) that they then give to the friend or relative.

It seems to work well - and I'm sure Miujiza would be happy enough to pose for some postcards and mousepads and things!

Megan said...

Thank you so much for the photos and update!

Humanitarian lookout safaris said...

Fantastic Jack...good news to hear what's going On the maasai mara!!!Take-care Bro,

Kevin Staker said...

Following is link to video of the Honey's Boys when they were cubs:

Kevin Staker

Ragdoll Mommy said...

Honey was a wonderful girl. I miss her.