Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bila shaka

Shakira and the Girls


In the last few days in the office we meet with our Big cat some of them have been doing well like Shakira and the Girls, resting in the large savanna near Topi plains have been the place to find her and the girls.
She is still fighting of the hyena no matter what it take to protect her Cubs, on the other hard moja , mbili, and tatu are well agonize and  alert every min of day and i guess the night as well.
They have every reason for it where they have taken residency is full of Crocuta crocuta I mean every whole.
She now what she is doing if it was me or you it will be the opposite but if you think a bout it the girls need to learn how to escape either climb a tree or run God nows what else.

Kali looking me in the eye.

The Jackson five have been so active it one of the only time in the mara I feel if one look for  a leopard its almost 70% chance to see one of this family.
Olive and Kali are together most of the time but Ayah have gone I believe to her grandmother Bella territory. I have been looking for it and the last time I sow her was two month ago with olive and Kali near Olkiombo then I had news from Paul Kirui that she had a fight with her sister Binti and after that I had no news at all.
Binti on the other hand is taking the west side of the her mother home range infect it include our camp area as part of her territory, in most morning the staff will call as before we have our morning breakfast they a looking a leopard and the end I said to them just call and said we are looking at Binti.

Olive is still the Queen of the talek no dought about it the girls are at her mercy coz of her hunting skills and the generosity of these wonderful mother.
Every time she make a kill Kali and Binti will come but in turns to feed while Olive resting guarding it from any other predators well we must thank Olive for bridging this family to us.

One of the young sons of Notch.

This pride still make my day if you see this boys how they are doing the territory they have taken it the best in the whole maasai mara.
At Paradise plains you will always have animals crossing the river back and forward from the mara conservancy to maasai mara national reserve.
During the great migration this is one of the businesses places in mara with wildebeest and zebras among others.
The young pride have a good future a head of them looking at this young boy well they have not gone any where without food.

More to come soon 
Mingi salaams Jackson looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson,
Thankyou for the update. I am sorry to hear about Ayah's dissapearance, I really hope she is seen soon safe and well :(
I'm glad shakira and her girls are ok, it must be mayhem trying to keep her cubs safe with hyena everywhere! What a scarey feeling it must be for them. A 70% chance to see a leopard at the moment is amazing! Their so confident arn't they, your 5! ;)

Thanks for sharing a day in the life of the Mara, I always enjoy reading them, and your pictures are lovely! Love Khali's picture of him looking into your eye. Very special.
Take care and best wishes!
Paula - Bigcatfanz

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson,
It's good to hear that Shakira and her young ones are doing so for food and in general. Ayah is sure to show up soon :)
What a great picture of one of Notchs boys, he looks so relaxed and cool.

Thanks again for the update of your office.


Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!!
Glad all is well in the office. i am sure that you will get good news on Ayah soon.
i still can't believe how big Shakira's cubs are now!!
Fantastic photos as always.
take care,
Apesey x

littlewid said...

Jambo jackson
Good to hear that Moja, Mbili & Tatua are doing so well under the guidance of Mum, always pleasing to know they are ok. Lets hope they don't get pestered by Honey's boys.
Do you think that Ayah and Binti will keep to seperate territory's now? I hope we will still be able to get updates on Ayah.
An amazing picture of kali and what a stunner Notch's boy is, a real chip off the old block, I shouldn't think many other males will argue with him.
Great update as always Jackson, Thank you.
Look forward to the next one soon.
Take care

littlewid said...

Oops..sorry about the "a" on the end of your name Tatu, my little cat was helping me write the post, must teach her to keep her paws to herself.

Mags said...

Thank you for the updates Jackson, you seem very busy in your office. Are there more tourists coming now the troubles are over?

Xavier said...

Jambo Jackson,

Yet another great update.
I hope you catch up with Ayah soon.

Thanks for sharing.