Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Red in the mash

Red with one of her cubs in the mash this morning.

Dear all

We had spent some hours with the mush pride this morning and what a performance was it to see them hunt.
Red, Bibi, Lisby, and White Eye are all together with cubs came out of the forest walking towards bila shaka. 
They try three times to hunt warthogs but no success the niceness thing was to see what the future cubs are doing tell you they have lean a lot from their mamas.

The Males are no where to be seen whoever I had from some of the drivers they were with the three graces east of Musiara Gate.
The Grasses now have two little cubs and I think the Males are keeping a close eye on them.

We then spend a few hours with Shakira and Three honey Boys all within 100m from one another this day was good no harassment from the boys.
Asanti I will keep updated and by the way I will go with Lyndon tomorrow and visit Miujisa.
Regards Jackson Looseyia.


littletoto said...

Jackson that is brilliant news. I posted earlier as I had heard that one of the Marsh Pride females had died! I was very worried but your update has come at a perfect time and I can stop worrying now. Its great to hear that the 4 girls are doing well. And the boys are off mating with the three Graces eh - charming hehe. So happy that one of the Graces now have cubs too - fab news!

Thanks for the update on Shakira and Honeys' boys too. I'm glad to hear that these boys are not hassling our girls!!

And say hello to Lyndon for me tomorrow! Can't believe the lucky sod is getting to visit our little Miujisa hehe. Very jealous once again.

Thanks again Jackson - your update could not have come at a better time today !

Little Toto x

invinciblesimba said...

Hi Jackson,

So love reading your updates. Tell Lyndon to have a great time visiting Miujisa, what a lucky boy he is!

I have just read the game report of Governors Camp for January and they have recorded that one of the marsh/bila shaka female lions died on the 19th of January. Do you know anything about this at all?


littlewid said...

Hi Jackson
So wonderful to know all is going well in your office and that all our cats are doing well.I had not heard about one of the Marsh Pride female possibly being dead...I'm so glad that is not so.

Please give Lyndon a message for me "Please remember my PM, I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed" he will understand what I mean...Thank you Jackson. I am delighted that Lyndon will be able to see our little Miujiza...I am so excited for him. Have a fantastic time with her tomorrow Jackson and please give her all our love from everyone on the BigCatFanz forum -x-

Honey1 said...

Hello Jackson

Great news i had heard that one of the marsh girls might have been hurt well then great news.

great to hear how shakira and Honeys boys are getting on

thanks for update


Bluebell said...

It is so lovely reading about all the Big Cat stars and getting to know new stars, thank you Jackson. My sister and I are planning our first safari next year and would love to go when the cats have cubs. Can anyone tell me the best time of the year for this? Many thanks.

acinonyx said...

Hi Jackson ! I had a quick answer from John. Donation sent already for Muijiza. I am quite happy for Lyndon & wife ; they hoped to see cheetah cubs from the Olkiombo pregnant female we photographed in October ; granted wish ;-))
Red is an amazing predator; thanks for sending fresh news & pics

ilovecheetahs said...

Hi Jackson

Great news all round. The Marsh Pride girls are a force to be reckoned with, particularly Red and White Eye!
Glad to hear Honey's boys are leaving Shakira and her cubs in peace. I do love those boys though, they are three stunning cheetahs.
Jackson, would it be possible to let us know what the target fund is for Miujisa and what needs to be done for her? I have had a nice email from John and have sent an initial donation, but it would be nice to know how things are going, as I am sure I can speak for alot of followers here, that we would be willing to do as much as possible.

I don't know Lyndon, but many congratulatins to him and his wife.
What a magical place to get married AND get to see Miujisa! I am very envious!

Glad to hear too that the Graces have cubs. One of them had a litter whilst we were in the Mara, but unfortunately they died. Hope they have better luck in raising them this time round.
Thanks too for the fab photo of Notch, What a boy-still going strong-he is an absolute legend.

Asante Sana Jackson

ilovecheetahs said...

Hi littletoto

Forgot to say thank you for answering my query about the Marsh Pride Males. It gets very confusing when they have different names! I think I know what's going on now!!

loverofthearts said...

Thanks so much for the update Jackson. Red is my favorite of all the Marsh pride lionesses. It was great to see the wonderful picture you posted with one of the cubs:) I've saved the image and made it my computer desktop picture:) God thank god all the lionesses are okay.

Liontoto16 said...

Any chance of a picture of the 3 graces, romeo, claude and these tiny cubs please Jackson

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson and all,
Great update on the Marsh pride, it's great to hear one of the 3 graces is now a mother, I believe she will make a great one!!

Hehe, good to hear honeys boys have not been harresing Shakira and her girls, the last time that happend I felt so sorry for shakira and her cubs who could do nothing but watch.

I hope Miujisa is doing good when you visit tommorow.

Thanks once again Jackson for your update that I look forward to so much :)


Whitestarling said...

Hi Jackson
Thanks for the news on the Marsh Pride we were worried that one of the females had died following a report from Governers Camp, but Lyndon did let us know that they were OK. Glad that Shakira and the Girls are doing well. As littleToto said Lyndon is making us all jealous here on the BigCat Fanz forum, and hopefully he will post some pictures of Miujisa on his Blog on the BigCatFanz site so we can see how she is doing thanks again for all the news from your office