Tuesday, 13 January 2009



I like to try and aswer some of the Q some of you have ask me.

1 . first is the Name of the little toto, the name which a lot of people are putting forward is MIUJUZA with 4 people comment.

2 . Acinonyx. ask was the dead Duma same cheetah near olkiombo when Simon was filming near olkiombo? A; I don't know because we have another cheetah at the same area with 7 cubs but guessing by the little toto its likely to be the one.

3. Inviciblesimba. ask could lewa conservancy take this little cub to look after?
A; Yes this will be the best way forward for her but the county council with KWS  will have to make that decision we have recommended to lewa but it look like at the moment they want to look after them self.

4. Xaviev vande veken. ask can I explain why the rangers decided to intervene on toto?
A; Most of the sin happen at night with no one around for example the two cubs shakira lost we new in the morning, as well as Allana cubs. The cheetah mama and her cubs death happen in the day time and one of the balloon track drivers happen to be there and to honest with you he had no idea  what was happening at the same time it was so quick he couldn't believe him self. One good thing he did was reported one of the little cubs have escape from the lions attack.

5 . Marabob. Is it likely the the dead cheetah to be Inchy?
A; no Inchy is a live with he three cubs at pose plains near Olkeju rangai.

6 . Anonymous. ask if any one know where Kike is?
A; We think Kike have died long ago we did not wetness her death.

7 . Tintagel. wish the rangers and the guide could intervene but she understand the rules.
A; The mara seregeti is very large it will be so had to control the predators conflicts hyenas, lions, and leopards all kill one another and it happen during the night and some time during the day. Each of this large predators have special role to play in the natural world we live it a lone unless other wise. 
Thank you all for your Q I hope I have A some of you until next time.


Jackson looseyia.


loverofthearts said...


Thank you:) And, I love it when you talk about the Notch boys getting married. That expression puts a smile on my face:) Your doing a phenomenal job at letting us know all the wonderful details about all of the big cats.:) Thank you so much all my best, Christina (New York)

littlewid said...

Wow Jackson what an update. I agree with loverofthearts, great news about Notch getting married, it put a big smile on my face too, that lion is so special.
I'm pleased to hear all the leopards are doing so well, it was wonderful to hear about them all.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Muijiza is the name chosen.
You are doing an outstanding job keeping us all updated Jackson and I hope you enjoy your days off with your family.
Best wishes
littlewid -x-

littletoto said...

Jackson, you are an absolute star. Thank you soooo much for continuing to update us and answering our questions. What a privilege it is to have you letting us into your world like this. I feel truly honoured and I cannot wait for your updates.

The news on Notch was just so great and like Littlewid and lovertofthearts it brought a smile to my face. I adore that lion - he is quite the most beautiful simba I have ever seen and I love to hear how he's doing. The same goes for Shakira.

I hope Muijiza is chosen for the little toto - its a great name and sums it all up perfectly coz she is a little miracle.

Take care and enjoy your time off with your family.

Little Toto x

DannyR said...

Thanks again for an amazing update once again, all the news you have posted is really good to hear. Especially the news of Notch moving in too a new family, also it's great to hear Shakira has moved into safe plains with her 3 little ones. Whilst on the shikira topic, I was wondering if anyone new the name of Shakiras Cubs? I believe they where announced on Big Cat Live but not too sure, if anyone can tell me I'll be greatful. Great too hear that the Jackson 5 are doing so well and enjoying life.

Muijiza is a great name for the little Toto as she truely is a miricle.
Thanks again Jackson, have a good week.

littletoto said...

Hi Danny,

Shakira's girls are named Moja, Mbili and Tatu, which means one, two and three in English.

Great names - hope we get to see how they turn out. Beautiful just like their mum I bet !

Take care

Little Toto x

Hooked said...

Fabulous update Jaackson, thank you so much.
Great to hear despite the sadness with the cheetahs, that there are more cubs, I hope they do well.
My fave cats are the leopards so I love to hear how they're doing.
Enjoy your time with your family :)

loverofthearts said...

Count me in for Muijiza too!

acinonyx said...

Thank you for your answer Jackson ;-)))
Keep well

invinciblesimba said...

Thanks for the superb updates. I am sure all other followers would agree with me when I say just how much I enjoy reading about all the animals in "your office" and appreciate the time and effort you are putting into your blog.

Thanks for answering my question and all the others - you must never have a minute to yourself!

Hope you enjoy your days off with your family.


ilovecheetahs said...

Dear Jackson
As usual, more great updates. Thank you Jackson for working so hard for us and keeping us in touch with our fave Big Cats. Great to hear the legend Notch has found a wife! His sons must be looking after him well.
What fabulous news of new cheetah cubs-I pray that some will survive and it will help make up for the sad events earlier this year.
Have a good few days with your family-best wishes to you all. x

jackaranda said...

Thanks for all the latest news Jackson - You are doing a really wondeful job keeping us all in toucvh with what is going on in your Office. Can't wait till I pop in at the end of next month - Hope to see you.

Anne-Marie said...

Thank you for your updates on all of the big cats. Brightens my day at work being able to read what they have been up to.

I too would vote Muijiza to be the little cubs name as she truely is a little miracle.


dianelionlover said...

Hi Jackson:

Did the Notch club take over a lion pride, and if so, what is the name of that pride?


littlewid said...

Hi Jackson
Can't stop popping on and reading the updates of our favourite big cats you so kindly inform us of and looking at all the lovely photos. I hope there is good news about them all when you get back from your time with your family.
I hope our little Toto is keeping well and I am truely hoping that our little miracle will receive the name of Muijiza that I put forward as I can't think of her in any other way other than a pure miracle.
littlewid -x-

loverofthearts said...

Hello Jackson hope all is well:) What's going on in the office? All My Best, Christina

CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

Thank you VERY much for all the updates and the lovely pics! Kali is huge, and little Toto is just gorgeous.

Is there any chance at all that when she grows up, she and Toki could spend some time in the same reserve and see if they get on?

The reason I ask is that the last time I heard, Toki was on his own without access to female cheetahs.

If Toto now grows up with humans protecting her too, then maybe that puts her in the same position as Toki later on, and maybe the two of them would like to mate?

They could have the most beautiful cheetah cubs!!!

Irene said...

Hi Jackson :-)

Thank you for taking the time to update us with all the news from your office - I love reading your blog.

Im so pleased the Notch boys have got themselves married ha ha ... looking forward to seeing their cubs in the near future.

On the naming of the little toto, I like the name Muijiza as well - it seems very appropriate.

Irene x

M said...

hi Jackson,
thanks for your response to my question, i really appreciate you taking the time to answer so personally.
it is truly marvellous to be kept informed on what is going on with all the cats- i am particularly grateful as i have been stuck at home for months due to illness and these big cats are about the only things that lift my spirits. Apart from the little cat i have sitting here with me!!!
i hope to visit your office in person one day- it is a life long dream and one i intend to fulfil!! keep the updates coming they're fabulous!!
by the way i agree that Muijiza is very fitting!
many thanks to you and stay blessed

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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