Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bibi Ya Big Boy Olive

Hallow Friends,
We have put  a lot of attention on Toto and her late mother, but let me tell you the other news of our big cats in the last week.

Olive and Kali have been together lately and you can see how big Kali is. He have grown so well in the last few week to an extend some new guides don't know the different with the rest apart from the obverse.
Binti also is doing well I have seen her many times around the camp on the talek river pose plains. She has been in trouble lately with Warthogs with some bad wounds but she will be fine.

Ayah on the other hand has taken residency near Olkiombo east of our camp, I so her with Olive and Kali two weeks ago on a kill all feeding but without Binti. At the moment Ayah and Binti does not stay or be at the same place.

The mash pride are also doing well the migration of Zebra has come to the mash from the conservation area in big numbers.
Although they went out of the park for a week they came back safely with every member of them a live.

Shakira is gone towards Aitong where she is I have not had any news at all but she will do well with the number of tommies there and Impalas.
In many ways the conservation area is more rich than the park this will mean better life for Shakira and the girls.

We had so many cheetahs in the last month with cubs I think after the migration most of them started to breed. We had 2 females near musiara. Allana and a one other cheetah each of them have with now 2 cubs. I have learn all of them left in the last week out of the park the way of Shakira and they are doing well.
At Olkiombo area we had 2 more with cubs but now 1 after that mama was killed by Simbas.
On Pose plain we have yet another cheetah with cubs the same age as shakira cubs and during filming we new of her and she is doing well with three of her cubs.
On paradise plain yet another Cheetah with big cubs we have nearly free I will estimate a month max.

The Notch club are doing so well each of them got married last week to a pride of 6 females near the main crossing including Notch, In the evening we drive over to the paradise plain to meet up with this magnificent large Cats.

Finally I m off tomorrow for a few days to see the family and I wish you all well.

Salaams Jackson Looseyia.


Mags said...

Wonderful news and pictures Jackson. I have a big map of the Mara on my office wall and I can find all the places you mention. The Toto is so beautiful can I suggest the name Malaica, one of my favorite songs. Good luck and enjoy your break with the family.


littletoto said...

Jackson, thank you for an amazing update! I love the pictures too. Its so wonderful to hear of all the cheetahs and great to know that my fave mum, Shakira, and her girls are doing well. Here's hoping that all the cheetah cubs around at the moment will make it to adulthood.

Fantastic picture of one of Notch's boys - what a handsome simba!!! So glad to hear they are all doing so well and getting married haha - we will soon be seeing mini Notch's boys no doubt :-)

And loving the update on the Jackson Five too. Bit worried about Binti getting into trouble with the warthogs but I'm sure she can take care of herself.

Thank you sooo much once again for the fantastic update. I hope you have a great time with your family and look forward to reading the next update.

Little Toto

DannyR said...

Thanks for the great update on all the big cat families, it's great to hear that all of them are doing so well, I look forward too your updates on the mara and I thankyou alot. Have a great week. Danny

Sarah Skinner said...

Hi Jackson. Hope you are well,Good grief...cheetahs a plenty! (good news to make up for last weeks sad news) and what a lovely update on the leopards. I see that Notch and his boys are taking 'propagating their genes' to a new level! Lots of weddings, lets hope the ladies are not leading them on and that we could see the start of Mini Notch's. He has by far the strongest genes in the Mara! Have a good few days off.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hi Bwana Chui.
Thank you for another great update.
Enjoy your days off with the family.

invinciblesimba said...

Wow the 2 big cheetah cubs both look very impressive specimens - are theym ales as they seem to be very muscular? If so what a fine coalition they will make when they leave their mother.