Monday, 12 January 2009

Sawadi 2009

Hamjambo Marafiki,
Well it have been a very difucult week for all of us and busy especially having little Toto around.
We have been working with our local rangers very close and this men are just as cooperative thank God.
Until now Toto is stilll in the mara rangers at mara olkiombo with help of some profesenal guides like Paul Kirui.
Toto has accepted meat from the her keeper Saning'o Naurori, he is the main man looking after Toto. This morning when I visited she was  so relax but didn't want to see any one so far.
I have ask some advices from a fomer game warden of Tsavo national park and he will come to the mara to give the rangers more advice on how to look after Toto or make a decision where she should be taken for more care.
Mean while ranger Saning'o have build a small place for Toto a waiting the government authority where she will be take. 

In respond to a lot of my friend what name we should give it to her we have not decided yet YATIMA , BARAKA, MIUJISA, NAISHURO are the names suggested I m living unto you to vote and we can tell our Rangers.

Today I have a suprise for you all after such a bad week of loosing some of our most sweet and loving friends. Just look at this;
Near Olkiombo Airstrip we have an area where cheetah have been known to breed and two weeks ago another cheetah have given birth to 7 cubs.
I took the rangers out to see how they are doing, what a present for the mara in 2009 just love it, to be honest with you they were gougers.

Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful world that I live in even when its had you have been with me and supported me morally,
 love you all,
Jackson Looseyia.


DannyR said...

Hey Jackson,
Great job too all those helping with the survival of little Toto, as for a name for the little one, I think Muijisa suits her well. Also great news to hear of the new 7 cheetah cubs brought into the world, I wish them are there mother the best of luck in there survival and upbringing. Thanks once again for the update Jackson, hope you have a good week in the mara with plenty of good news :)

dianelionlover said...

Hi Jackson: I am missing Big Cat Live soooooooooooo much!

Thank you for your updates and photo's.

I think a good name for the little girl would be Yatima.

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Seven Cubs. Unbeleiveable. Hope to hear about Shakira soon.

littlewid said...

Hey Jackson
I am still thinking Muijisa is the perfect name, Miracles she is.
great news about 7 cubs, fingers crossed all stays well for them.
Thank you so much for the updates and lets hope the good news keeps coming.
littlewid -x-

littletoto said...

Hi Jackson, thank you for updating us on little Toto. I like the name Muijisa but also like Zuri, which I think means cute/lovely in Swahili.

Also, I thought she could maybe have a name relating to her mum's name - so her mum will be remembered. Did she have a name Jackson?

Its great to hear about the seven new cubs but I have a feeling they will bring us some heartbreak. Its horrible to think this but realistically the chances of them all surviving are non existent. Sorry for being negative, i just feel for cheetah mums so much. Will try and think happy thoughts just now tho and they little ones are devastatingly cute!

Thank you once again Jackson. It must be really hard for you sometimes but we are all here for you in the hard times and we all share your joy and our heartache.

Take care for now.

Little Toto x

acinonyx said...

Hello Jackson and thank you so much for your blog. The killing of a female cheetah and two cubs last week was a terrible event, and I wondered if this female was the one we saw at the end of october 08 in an area not far from
Olkiombo airstrip, not far from Shakira and cubs at that time, and close to Honey's boys also. This female was magnificent and I took some good pics of her here :
We followed this lady during 4 days and according to her size, she probably gave birth at the end of november. I would be very interested to know if your little toto is the real cub of that mother.
Thank you so much and keep on your good work.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hi Jackson,

I would think Yatima (Orphan) is an appropriate name for the little cheetah. Maybe a sad name, but her story is a rather sad.

What a wonderful surprise: a cheetah with 7 cubs. I know that the odds of her raising all 7 are stacked against her, but I still hope that most of them (if not all) survive.

Thanks for the updates.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
It really is a Miracle that little Toto survived and although Yatima is an appropiate name it,s a sad name from a sad story. So I think she should be called Muijisa because hopefully all the sadness is now behind her and she has a brighter future

Joy said...

Hey Jackson, haven't posted any comments for awhile but my boys & I have been following all the news. So so sad to hear about the loss of cheetahs but what a miracle that little Toto survived; we think Muijisa is an apt name for her.
And 7 new cheetahs -- Wow!! That truly is amazing.
Thank you so much for taking the time to bring us all this news from your lovely office.
Take care
Joy & boys

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson,
Thanks again for all your updates! They have been great to read, although sometimes sad :( But we sometimes have to take the good with the bad, although that seems very hard to do sometimes :(
Its great news about the 7 new cubs! What a magical gift for you all in 2009 x I'll be sinding all the luck in the world for those little ones and their mum.
As for the name of the "miracle" cub, I really think that says it all. I would love her to have a special name for a special little one. Muijisa is a lovely name, and its meaning is just perfect for this little fighter. I, among people who I have spoken to, really thought the worst under the little ones circumstances. But couldn't believe it when she was found alive and well! I immediately said.. "what a little miracle!"

BigCat_luvr1 said...

WOW!7 cubs! imagine if they were in the wild!