Saturday, 24 January 2009


Hi all,
Good to be back to my office, I had a lovely time with my family and the community as a whole.
January is the beginning of the year for us in Kenya so all the kids start the year some to high schools while others  change schools from day to boarding school so it was a lot of work for me at home.

The reason being our rekero conservation trust look after more than 20 students both girls and boys since we started 12 years ago. We have help some of our community members  to high schools and colleges. 

I always believe looking after people in a wildlife area will mean a lot to wildlife and its habitat. Latetly we have been having a lot of meeting to expand our conservation dream together with our local people and the respond have been great so far, this will traslate a better future for our children and our wildlife children too.
I will be visiting Miujisa tomorrow hope to update you on how she is doing with life along side our other friends.

Asanteni sana 

Mimi Jackson Looseyia.


littletoto said...

Hi Jackson, great to have you back and glad you had such a good break with your family. Looking forward to the update on Miujisa and all our other favourite cats!

Thanks once again for the wonderful insight into your fascinating life.

Little Toto x

littlewid said...

Hi Jackson
It's so great to have you back, it sounds as if you've had a really busy time off. I too am looking forward to the update on all our favourite friends, especially little Miujisa. Thank you so much to you and the rangers for choosing the name I put forward for our very special Cheetah cub, I really do feel so very honourd to have chosen her name on behalf of our forum BigCatFanz.
Thank you once again Jackson

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Glad you had a good time with your family, and friends, but it's great to hear you are back in your wonderfull office
I and the rest of the group from the BigCatFanz forum are really pleased you have chosen littlewid's suggestion of Miujisa for the Cheetah cub, I know everyone on the forum has been eagerly awaitng your return for some more updates on all our Animal friends

Thanks for all the news you send us Jackson we really appreciate it


Brendu said...

Jambo Jackson!
My name is Brenda, but everybody calls me Bren.
I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I´m 19 years old.
I´m a great Big Cat Fan since lots of years!
My English is not really good, but I´m learning and doing my best!
I wont to tell you that I adore you, and I have to say: thank you.
Thanks for doing me feel so close from you and your wonderful home.
Have a great weekend!
Take Care!
Un abrazo! (A hug!)

CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

Good to hear from you - I think you're right supporting people as well as animals; it's all interwoven isn't it - can't wait to hear about our furry friends again though!!

Hooked said...

Jambo Jackson
Sounds like you've had a lovely time with your family.
I do envy you living in the marabeing able to watch nature as it should be.
I always look forward to reading your updates, thank you

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson,
Great too see you back, hope you had fun on your trip, I hope that all is well with Muijisa tommorow when you visit her and all is well with all the big cats in mara.

Thanks to littletoto for answering my question about Shikiras 3 cubs :)


BigCatFanz said...

Hi jackson! Great news your back in your "office" once more, and I am pleased you had a nice break with your family - but sounds like it wasn't much of a relaxing time! Do you ever sit down and take it easy? :) hahaha.
Thanks for choosing the perfectly matched name for the orphaned cub, it really suits her! :) Hope Miujisa was well when you went to visit, and hope all the other Bigcats are doing well.
Hope you and your family are well, take care and thanks for all your hard work you put into what you do, and to show us the insights of the world you live in :)
bye for now!
Bigcatfanz - Paula.

dianelionlover said...

thanks Jackson for all the great uptdates.
All you big cat lovers out there we need to help the Born Free Foundation rescue Bella a lioness in bad health in Romania. Her mate and cubs are dead and she is all alone. They have removed one of her eyes and want to rescue her and send her to Malawi where the rescued Born Free lions go, Please help rescue Bella and send her to Africa for the rest of her life.

Naples, Fl

littletoto said...

dianelionlover, I have been following Bella's story, as have a lot of the people on the bigcatfanz website, and have donated to help Born Free take care of her. I thought it was just a matter of getting the paperwork organised for her move now. As far as I know, she has been rescued and is in a temporary home at the moment while BF get things in order to move her to Malawi. If you have any information to the contrary please let us have a link as I will do anything I can to help Bella. Unfortunately, two other lions were left at the same zoo, Romany and Gypsy - they are both disabled and we have been concentrating our efforts on trying to find out what happened to them as they were given a deadline of 31 December otherwise they would be euthanised. No official news at the moment although according to some sources they have been rescued. This would thankfully mean that all the animals from that zoo had been rescued.

dianelionlover said...

littletoto: that is great news that you are too following Bella.

According to Born Free, the other two lions are going to a sanctuary in Holland, let's hope that's the two you mentioned.

Naples, Fl, USA

littletoto said...

Hi dianelionlover,

Can you tell me where you read about the other two lions being moved to Holland? I have been searching for news on them for ages. There will be a lot of happy people if this turns out to be the case :-)

Little Toto x

dianelionlover said...


I got the news from Tricia at Born Free, she said a group called Lion's Roar is moving them to Pantera a sanctuary in Holland. If you go on line and type in Lion's Roar - Buhusi, you should find something.