Thursday, 29 January 2009

The return of Shakira

Kali Looking strait in to the Car.
Habari Marafiki,
We just had some rain in the last two days and so we deeded badly the mara is looking nice and green, the wives birds are busy collecting grass for there nest in the savanna.

Kali have been really great out in the office look at him making fun of us, he came so close until the driver got afraid he close the window but that did stop little Kali from touching his car window.
Olive have done so well like he mum Bella she had work so had to bring up this little cub to almost maturity.

Shakira is back to the park while I was away, she is doing well the cubs are hug now.
After going out of the park we new she will do well coz where she headed to had a lot of tommy so she had a lot on her plate.
We are all please to see her in the park where we can follow and know how she is doing.

Allana came back too but she lost one of the 2 two cubs yesterday near olkiombo again no one witness what happened to the cub just in the morning one of them was missing.

Our other cheetah with 7 little cubs have lost one cub but it was expected though.
She will still loose until the number is just right for to look after I tell you the cheetah always have it rough but what to do its how there life is.

Miujisa is doing good she have responded to her keepers Rangers which are so close to her like one of there totos.
We are still looking around and getting advice from the kws where she will be taken for rehabilitation I think one of the farms must be best for her but we live this decision for the government.

Salaams see you all in a few days.
Jackson Looseyia.


littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson,

How great to hear that Shakira and her girls are back in the park. I was very worried about not hearing about her anymore so its great that you will now be able to keep tabs on her again.

What a fantastic picture of Kali - that little guy is just gorgeous (although I probably would also be a slight bit afraid if he was trying to get in my car window haha).

Sad news about Allana losing another cub - and indeed the other cheetah mum losing one of hers - but as you say, that is nature. It still breaks my heart a bit tho...

Fantastic to hear that little Miujisa is doing well - can't wait to see another picture of her! What a little star she is.

Thanks again for a wonderful update Jackson.

Take care

Little Toto x

Dannyr said...

Hey Jackson,
How great it is to hear the safe return of shakira to the mara with all 3 of her girls, it was worrying not hearing news of shakira for a few weeks, it is sad to hear Allana has lost yet another cub, and I pray that Allana and her one remaining cub can survive and stay together until its time for her cub to move on, also it was sad too hear the loss of another cheetah cub from the mother and her large family, I hope the remaining 6 survive, but as we all know not many cheetahs make it and in such a large number, more loss can be expected :(
Great to see Kali again, he's looking very healthy and cool.

Also wonderful to hear how well muijisa is doing and to hear she and her carers are doing so well.
Thanks for the great update Jackson :)


Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Thank you for another update.

The mixture of good and bad news reflects the daily life in your wonderful office, the Masai Mara.

Stay well.

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
So happy to hear Shakira has returned with the 3 little ones (do they have names?). sad about the other cubs though, but guess that is life in your office!!
Fantastic picture of Kali!!
So pleased about Miujisa too.
Take care,

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hi Anonymous,

To answer your question about Shakira's cubs (btw, Shakira is also known as Sita), they are named Moja, Mbili & Tatu (that's Swahili for One, Two & Three).

acinonyx said...

Hi Jackson
Thank you for sending news from the Mara. Great news for Shakira ;-)) The bad news is that according to Jonathan Scott, BBC should stop Big cat documentary. Are you able to confirm that ? On the other Hand Simon King should go on filming big cats of the Mara for a Disney project.
Anyway, whatever happens, stay with us Jackson !

dianelionlover said...

wow what a handsome boy Kali is, you are so lucky to be so close to such animals. thankyou for the lovely photo's you provide...

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What a relief that Shakira,Moja, Mbili and Tatu are back in the park and doing so well.They hold a special place in mine and lots of peoples hearts.
Handsome Kali, what a great picture, he looks a cheeky chap.
Poor Allana, we know it happens and it means she will have a number of cubs she can care for as with the other cheetah mum, but it still breaks your heart, I wish them all well.
Our beautiful Miujisa, I am delighted she is doing well, I too am looking forward to another picture of her, I think of her all the time with such heartfelt happiness that she is safe and well.
Thank you for your amazing updates Jackson, you make us all very happy.
Take care
littlewid -x-

loverofthearts said...

Wonderful Picture of Kali! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear that Shakira is safely back with her cubs, she is one determined gal. Would love to see a picture of them all, when possible. Lovely to hear all the snippets unfortunately with both good and bad news but with the environment it is lovely when there is news that bucks the trend.

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for another great update. Great to hear Shakira and cubs are back, safe and well.
What a super picture of Kali. He has grown so much and looks really well

To Anonymous - try visiting Simon Kings website. He is still in the Mara filming and has posted a lovely picture of Shakira and the three girls.

Keep well

CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

Great news about Shakira!!!!!!
Love the pic of Kali; he is gorgeous.
Thank you very much for keeping us posted!!

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
It's fantastic to hear the news on Shakira and her three cubs she has really turned into a great Mum. A shame about Allana losing another of her cubs, and als the Cheetah with the 7 cubs, but I said on the BigCatFanz forum that there would be some heartbreak there unfortunatly but as you say thats life in the office.
Kali is looking really well and growing into a fine specimen, and the news on Miujisa is great thanks for keeping us updated on all our friends
Take care in your Office