Friday, 2 January 2009

OO NO not again

Dear all,
We have got the bad new of Allana Cubs today oo no two of them have been kill by lions near the bilashaka lagger.
She was starting to be hungry as the cubs grew but this always happend with cheetahs the moment they live the den they will start loosing young ones.
We are all affected, main you on every evening our guest will exchange photo of this sweet babies after dinner and what a shock to got the news one day after new year.

Allana was so stress looking every where calling and making a few people cry as she morn the death of her cubs. The man who was more affected was Major Kool a ranger who dedicated his time and to look after this cubs since birth. He was like Allana as well looking around for them just in case one might be a live some where.
I will update you on the rest soon.
Salaams Jackson looseyia.


littlewid said...

Jackson that is so so sad, we know it happens but we always hope for the best and pray they all survive, poor Allana and the remaining cubs, let's hope the remaining two cubs survive.
As asked yesterday, are you able to keep a check on Shakira now she is heading out of the park? or do we just have to pray Shakira and her girls will be ok?

Gareth said...

Jackson this is sad news to start the year however these things happen like you say.
Please keep the news coming sir, I've been hooked to your blog since Big Cat Live finished, hoping to make it out to the Mara this year!

Keep up the good work sir!

Thanks from Scotland,


Anonymous said...

We saw Allana and her cubs around 19 December. They were so very sweet, but I'm afraid that I know one driver took his clients to see the cubs when we were there and they witnessed a kill she made. They were supposed to be in a restricted area, but this was not supported by all of the drivers. I hope that the driver did not lead the lions to Allana. It makes me so very sad....

jackaranda said...

Really very sad news Jackson !

Shakira said...

Jackson awww thats so so sad,what a shame for Allana I hope she manages to hold on to the remaining 2, Do you have any news for us about Shakira and the girls ? I do so look forward to your blogs Jackson, no matter the out come, thats life at its rawest !!! Thank you

Best wishes
Liz in Scotland

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Very sad news Jackson. Unfortunately this is the harsh reality of living in wild places like the Mara.
Let's hope that Allana and her remaining cubs survive.

nearlynewgrandma said...

Hello Jackson
It is hard to be bearer of sad news ... but it is essential that we all understand and know the realities of life - in the Mara, in Gaza, in Aftganistan - everywhere. Only that way can we see the patterns of life and begin to see the part we have to play in it. Observers have learned from study of animal and human life all through history. Thanks for being our eyes and ears - and repporting all - good news and bad. It's life! All the best for your busy year.

BigCat_luvr1 said...

Poor cheetah cubs and especially for Allana :(