Friday, 9 January 2009

Duma Yatima

Dear all,
After a week of long searching finally the news came ''we of little Duma he is a life''!
The rangers rush up and look for it in the long grass with help if guides and a few brave guest and at last they caught it.
Although every body was sad to see the little Duma without the mama but we are all please the little baby have live for almost a week without food or mama protection and it is looking healthy.
I will update you if we have found a home for it or she will be in the maasai mara?

Jackson Looseyia.


chris_from_aus said...

hey jackson. thats great news u found him. if your looking for a home for him id love to take him on. he could lead a predator and lion free life over here with me :)

invinciblesimba said...

HI Jackson

What great news about the little one - she must be a real fighter to have lasted so long without her mother.

Could LEWA conservancy help with the cub, as they were instrumental in the raising and release of Sambu and Toki the orphaned cheetah cubs that Simon King helped with?

I wish her all the best for the future and congratulate all of those involved in her rescue.

Mama Duma said...

Wonderful news!! Thank you Jackson for letting us know the little one has been found alive and am praying she'll be OK now after so long without food. Can I be her surrogate aunt??

DannyR said...

Hey Jackson Great news hearing about the safety of the young cheetah :) She must of been a little toughie to survive a week with food or her mother. Good luck in finding her a great home to live in. Also well done to all the people involved in her finding. I hope more good news follows :) Danny

littlewid said...

Hey Jackson...that is such great news...I am so delighted....Miracles do happen and she surely is a little miracle...I wish her well for the rest of her life and I hope she finds a good home and has a happy existance.....Well done to all who found her.
littlewid -x-

Mags said...

Fantastic news Jackson I hope the toto survies and is released back into the Mara


littletoto said...

That is just great news although I still feel so sad about the rest of the little one's family. Its no wonder we love these cheetahs so much, they just have the hardest time and I really feel for them but they are such fantastic hunters and mothers. I wish this toto all the very best for its future and I would be more than happy for it to come and live with me if you're looking for a home :-)

Loving the updates Jackson - thank you so much x

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hello Jackson.

That's great news.
Given the fact that the no-interference rule applies when suffering is caused by other animals, can you explain why the rangers decided to intervene in this case?

Looking forward to more updates.
Asante sana.

littletoto said...

Xavier, I wondered the same thing myself. I'm not sure I agree with the no-interference rule when its cheetahs given they are an endangered species but regardless of my personal opinion, I did wonder why it was okay for them to interfere with the cub but couldn't interfere to save the other cubs and indeed the mother. Maybe Jackson can explain this.

I would also add though that I am very glad they are helping the cub - we need to do all we can to save this beautiful animal from extinction.

littlewid said...

Hey Jackson.
After posting on here and the BigCatFanz site... which was started after the end of Big Cat Live to enable us all to keep chatting about our favourite cats... about this little cub and what a miracle it is that she survived, we thought that Miracle would be an appropriate and delightful name for her. If it is possible for her to be called Miracle what is the equivalent in Swahili?
littlewid -x-

Mama Duma said...

Maybe she's already been named Yatima? - Swahili for "orphan".

CatsEye said...

Great news Jackson; thanks for telling us!! She is absolutely lovely.

Could she be the mate Simon King's friend Toki was looking for???!

jackaranda said...

I am so pleased to hear the news !

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson

This is really good news. I am so glad that the rangers have decided to help this gorgeous little cub out!
I so wish I could raise her-what I would give to be able to give her a cuddle!


Excellent job! at least one cub is saved. It is grateful to know that there was still time to spare one cheetah's life (there are so few of them in the Mara...).

Hope they can work it out to find a spare home for Yatima.

Speaking of cheetahs, any news from Shakira and the cubs Moja, Bili and Tatu?

littlewid said...

Hi Mama Duma
Yatima is a sweet name but orphan is so sad. As far as I can make out Muujiza is swahili for Miracle and I don't know about you but Miracle is a much kinder, sweeter name than orphan, don't you think?
littlewid -x-

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the update today it's great news that the Cheetah's seem to be breeding so well.All of us on the BigCat Fanz site are thrilled at the news you are sending us. I have to agree with Littlewid Miracle would be great name for so brave a little cub