Tuesday, 6 January 2015

From Miami to London

Dear Friends, Happy New year to you all I wish you a very successful 2015, just to track back my Westen safari last month, here is the other part II of my visit, Off we went towards the Airpot leaving behind the flatt plains and swamps of Florida, still did not see the famous Alegatas who rule one of the world Lagerst swamp, I have a good reason to go back to Miami but not to hunt but to photographer, I started to look for wildlife on our way slightly relax as home Kenya dates are getting close, what I had found was groups of kites on our way, what ever was on the ground it was plenty, being a guide in Kenya when ever we see so many of one species we suspect lot of food for them even when they are migrating, a day or two with thousands of birds will translate bug hatching or otherwise, Our driver could not tell us what was the kite about but time is clicking to get our plain to New York and connect to London, I was happy to check out my bag and getting ready for the English winter, from a hot air in Miami, to freezing cold winter in New York and London, 6 days to go I said to Josh Perrot and he agree with me it's time we head home, our flight connection was tight but we just made it like 20 min, I could have been unhappy to miss my flight and spend some time in JFK, For once I thought the the trip was shorter than the last time I flow from New York to London, we arrive at the same time with Chris Flatt who came from Kenya to join us on our final roadshow in UK, I was rapt up with a double Shuka colored Red and small yellow strip, this was my most perfect Shuka for the winter, as we arrive the lady officer who serve us could not believe a Maasai is coming to UK with a thousand millers and some suka while the rest of the people arriving are covered up with black heaver winter coats, I could read confusion in her Eyes but to Mr. Looseyia I have been I know what it feels, please give way, I quick cup of tea or coffee could be good as we prepare our bags so we did, More coming on my safari in UK, Salams Jackson Looseyia,

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Mike Attwood said...

Happy New Year Jackson, Keep up the good work.