Sunday, 28 February 2010

Saba the Cheetah

Once again I would like to thank you all for your vote on our cheetah mum.
She is now been voted Saba by so many people on my blog as well as on face book.
We have eliminated the confusion of Tatu since we have another tatu Shakira or sita cub.

We have been following this Cheetah for a while now and doing well feeding and training the cub. 
well done you all my friends from many countries.

Bless Saba for the name.

Salaams Jackson.


DouDou-Toki said...
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DouDou-Toki said...

Is Saba also the name of the girl in big cat diary, who works with Simon and Jonathan? I think Saba is a good name for our Cheetah Mum.

Madeline said...

Ahh, what a beautiful cheetah, Jackson. I hope she keeps that cub safe. Whereabouts in the Mara does she "hang out"?

I read that Shakira (Sita) was in the Mara Triangle last month, and separated from her 3 cubs for a few days but then rejoined them. Is this unusual? Perhaps she is enjoying having them to do some of the work.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Madeline,

Your are right Shakira and her cubs went a part for two days and it was too much for the girls they went back to the mother.
A week ago I sow them together and they are big Girls now.
Shakira do very little cooking now they girls do all the work.



Anonymous said...

Jackson; Shakira's girls are very attached to their mother. It is good they are hunting for her. She needs a rest. She did a great job with the three of them.

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Saba is a beautiful cheetah and apparently such a good mother too. I voted for her after reading your blog, thanks for this post!

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Well it's interesting to watch the behavior of animals in their natural environment and cute when they have babes haha