Monday, 22 February 2010

Notch Boys

Notch boys are stronger than ever they had kill a male hippo, not a sick one or young full grown up.
We come an hour after it was kill, what a powerful group.
As the food thin up after the zebra and wildebeest gone out of the park then this male became specialize on Killing hippo.
The fist day we meet five of the boys and the following day Notch appeared, and what an impassive male lion.
This must be the lucky male lion in the history of lions in the maasai mara.
His sons took over two prides and now feeding there papa with the food very recoded in the mara.

Be all well,




Cherry Palpallatoc said...
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Cherry Palpallatoc said...

Cool! Notch is the true Lion King.
Did Cheza & Sala ever run into his pride?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson. Great to hear that Notch is doing so well and not having to work too hard for his meals!

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Always good to know Notch's boys are doing well and as ever, brilliant to see Notch, what a boy he is.

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These "Notch Boys" are strong guys. They know find a good food!