Monday, 22 February 2010


Dear Friends,

I finaly so the to Olive cubs at the same time and not one run into cover.
Well done Olive for this wanderful cubs so sweet at the moment.
The first one was not very shy and we have been seeing him but not the little one who look like limping whether by birth or fight we dont know.
Olive made a kill near smelly crossing east of olare orak and we spend the whole evening with her.
Both cubs are boys and look fantastic.

There Mother Olive did not care as much as the cheetah  mum but I bet if any one go any closer to her young one she will act like any mother.

Big Salaams 



Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures of olive's cubs

good to see them after the last time was when one was a small cub in olive's mouth

Anonymous said...

The leopard cubs are lovely, well done Olive hope she can keep them both safe!!

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Beautiful boy cubs, hope the little one with the limp will be alright.