Friday, 5 February 2010

Karibu Kali

Dear Friends 

After such a long time we now found Kali near the mara river not far from the talek mara junction.
Kali karibu sana tena.

The Notch pride had exploded well we all expected after so much mating in last year.
They now have 15 cubs and more to come soon.

Look at this little cub eat too much sweet.




DouDou-Toki said...

Look at the cube's belly... a balloon almost...That's great they are feeding so well! Notch is still going strong!

Mama Duma said...

Great to see Kali "hanging out" again! Wonder where he's been...
As for that gorgeous little simba mtoto, you just want to pick him up and have a cuddle - but I think his Mama and family would have something to say about that!! Marvellous news that the pride have so many new cubs. Thanks for the update Jackson, love MD

Anonymous said...

such a good picture of kali
he's so well grown hope hes unlike other male leopard(not shy)
and appears more in front of you so you can update us on him

littlewid said...

Brilliant to see Kali Jackson, love the pic of him just hanging around in the tree, he looks so relaxed and as handsome as ever.
How many courses did that cub eat in one sitting, looks like he ate the whole prides share.....what a belly :-) wonderful to hear the pride are doing well, always comforting to know all is well Jackson.
Thanks for your updates :-)

Jacula said...

Thanks for the update Jackson. I miss seeing Big Cat Diary and really appreciate your link to the cats we've come to know and care about.

BibiFan#1 said...

OMG!!!!! That cub's tummy is gonna explode!!!!! I thought it was dead for a second!!!!! Talk about plenty of food!!!!