Sunday, 28 February 2010

Red the leader of the Marsh pride.

Dear friends,

I have been in the office for some time now looking for Red and Romeo,

I have not seen them with Clawed, Bibi, White, Eye, or Lisbey, I realy dont know where they are possibly Sara can tell us???

The last time I sow her was at the bila Shaka laga near fumbi fumbi with rest of the pride, then after that no sign of Red and Romeo.

I meet up with Romeo A month ago too while mating with Lisbey and I even put his pic on the blog.
I just think they have move towards leopard gorge for those who remember half tail.
We have to wait and fingers cross they are all well when ever they are.

Hugs to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Lynne said...

I hope Red is found soon! She is such a charming and powerful lioness. It is difficult to imagine the Marsh Pride marching on without her.

Best of luck to you in your search for Red, Jackson. Thank you so much for your wonderful updates. I am always looking forward to reading about your adventures in the office.

Also, Saba is beautiful! I am eager to see more of her.

Bless You

DouDou-Toki said...

I am sure Red is doing fine, she is an experienced lioness. I miss half tail, shadow and safi...

Whitestarling said...

Asante san for the updates jackson fingers crossed for Red, but I,m sure she will be OK as was said she is a very experienced Lioness. I also think Saba is a great name

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I hope she is ok! She is my favourite, i have been trying to plan a visit next year for many reasons but she has inspired me to get serious about it! She has been on my screensaver for a while! Find her! Find her soon! Thank you Jackson for doing what you do and doing it well!
Zhana Alendar
Seattle,WA USA

Anonymous said...

I just hope that you can find Red soon!Good Luck Jackson and thanks for the updates.Could you upload more photos on Saba?She's such a beautiful cat,always a pleasure to see her.Thanks!

Van said...

I just hope that Red would be found soon!She's such a charming cat!All the best in your search for Red Jackson!Could you upload more photos of Saba?She's such a beautiful cat!Thanks!

Bless You

Crusaders said...

Do female lionesses often help the pride males defend the pride against nomad males?

dianelionlover said...



Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear DouDou-Toki,

Half tail went to up-tares savanna, Shadow may still be a live but very old, I had some one sow her mating, I am sure safi is some where near the Gorge,
The best place for me to recommend you is a camp call Elephant pepper very close to the territories of Shadow and Safi.

I wish you good luck. If you see them by any chance please can you let us know.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Crusaders,

Yes the females fight more than the males in defend of there cubs
All females are the same Wildlife or human if you go near there children they will change colors at ones.
Thank you


Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Dianleionlover,

Your are right, females go away for a very short period to have cubs like Red, but not for long, they always mentain the relationship with the rest.
This is not so good news for us on Red missing for a long time,

There have been news lately of lioness dead but not been mention that is why I went looking for red after some time not seeing her I started worrying of her missing.
Fingers cross hope she is some where there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson, there are information that a well known pride male in the Masai Mara was speared to death in the Masai Mara. Do you have any information on that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson it's Peter again (for some reason creating an account does not work ... sorry for being anonymos). I have got the information via Facebook that a lioness from the Marsh Pride has been poisoned near Musiara Gate, on top of the information of the speared "well known pride male" in an article from Brian Jackman in the Arusha Times. I can only hope these two incidences do not explain the missing of Romeo and Red. How sad that would be. Are the 3 Graces still around and doing well? Best regards Peter

dawn said...

I hope you find Red soon. She is my favorite lion.I will be praying for her safe return.

Bobby said...


Anonymous said...

Hello again Jackson.
My name is Zhana Alendar (24y old from Seattle, Wa USA) and I read your blog as well as some others blogs, posts, updates and any kind of information about lions. I know that people ( not just in the mara, but in few other places) kill lions to protect their cattles and I understand the reasons behind their actions, but I was wondering how do they know which one exactly did the damage and needs to be killed? Also I have donated few times thru National Geographic and fotographers Derreck and Beverly Joubert money that 100% go into a fund called "maasailand emergency fund" from which the cattles that have been taken away by lions only is paid to the people if no lion has been harmed for that! I will keep donating, but I was wondering do you know anything about that fund and since it obviously has not been used to protect maasai mara lions, isn't it possible to do the same thing in the ares??? I think it is important something to be done, since lions are declinig everywhere by poaching, declining of their teritory taken by humans and their setllements etc.
One more thing.. since there is that big problem of declining big cats, why photographer are not allowed to help in certain situations? They speak that the situation in whole Africa is critical and we are loosing big cats drasticly every day, but at the same time i see their movies and documentaries where they do not help the cats because they should'nt interfere..? Arn;t they suppose to help conserving the big cats when they have a chance in order to be able to film them again?
Thank you! :) keep on the good work!

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gorgeous lioness, I like those photos so much I bet she is a good mom. I'm jealous of your job, to be in the wild with those animals is so awesome!