Monday, 22 February 2010

mother Cheetah with a cub is call Tatu. 1

We spend a great deal with the cheetah you all know, she lost one of the little cubs again another wonderful safari for the Six ladies who come to the mara and took our camp exclusive.

The mara is still offers a safari of a life time for those who can travel to east africa.

We spend some quality time with her and got to understand a little bit and love her so much.
She cared for the cub and play as you all know she lost one cub to preditors a few weeks after they came out

We know love this cheetah so much and been given a name by the governors Guides as tatu.
I have to bear in mind that we also have tatu Shakira Cub.
I propose we look for a name for this one than Tatu.


Angalla said...

Wonderful updates as always Jackson, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how all the cats are doing

Anonymous said...

Jackson;Thank you for the great updates as always. It is sad that this mother cheetah lost one of her cubs. She looks very loving also.

Anonymous said...

you mentioned a name for the cub other than tatu

how about Saba

Mama Duma said...

So sad she has lost her baby. Lovely photo though of mother and cub sitting on a hillock and gazing out across the savannah - so could I suggest "Kiwara" for a name, which (I hope!) means "Savannah"?
Salaams MD

Wannabe Racer said...

Hi Jackson!

Thanks again for the updates and the wonderful pics. How about Mzuri(the online translator said it means beautiful)?

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,

Well said Saba will be the best so far.

Let me hear from others



Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Wannabe Racer,

Mzuri is a nice name but we need to have more thoughts.

on it



Jackson Looseyia said...

Jambo Mamaduma,

Kiwara I have not had of this name before what county is that name from?

Its quit unique though.

Thank you


Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson and thanks for your reply. Woops - online translator got it wrong then! It came up with either Kiwara or Mbuga as the swahili for savannah. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall! Love MD

Wannabe Racer said...

Hi Jackson,

Thanks for the reply! It's a great honor to have a chance to name a new friend :) I have another suggestion: Sifu

The online translator said it is the verb form of "praise/honor," (not sure if that's correct?) and interestingly it's also Cantonese for "Master."

Thanks again for all your hard work and taking the time to post all the updates.


Angalla said...

Saba is a lovely name I vote for that

Jordan said...

Hi Jackson,

I used translator so not sure if it is right but what about "Kifalme" :) It is "Royal" in English I think.

Thanks for your work...hi from Australia :)

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
it's always so hard when a mother Cheetah looses one of her cubs, they put so much into keeping their little ones safe. I hope the little one has a long, safe life and I therefore suggest the name

Maisha - which means Life in swahili, may she live a long and full life.


Van said...

Awesome updates Jackson,thank you for letting us know about how the big cats are doing.

How about Sayang for the name of the adorable cheetah cub?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work with the blog Jackson, love reading any updates on our favourite cats of the Masai Mara :o)

I would like to suggest STAR as the name of Tatu's sole surviving cub - she's been a little star to get this far x


Anonymous said...

i vote for Saba too!
fabulous photos.
Apesey xx

lin said...