Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Honey must be so happy,

Dear Friends,

I have not forgotten our boys they are as strong as ever still no compition to them,
Although we had young males are in the mara near Keekorok area this is the prime time for this boys not any cheetah male will be in there teritory without a big meeting. 

Honey must be very proud in the large Savanna up stares, looking at them as well as we are very impress.
At the moment in our large windows office if you go out for a day withought seeing them we fill the Job is incomplate.
Haha Now you can see why I need  D3x the light is very low and the boys started waking up lol.
But at the same time I was there to enjoy there presence and share what I can from the our office.

Saba on the other had have been living very close to the boys on Rhino Ridge, she is very much taken this area for her self as well as the boys, at the moment the enemies are not very many in the ridge Hyena, Lions, or Leopards, therefore for raising her little cub is ideal, when she kill something most of the time she will finish it before the rivals get there.

Off home today to see my beloved family see you soon.

Very best 

Jackson Looseyia.


Olivier Delaere said...

D3S or eos 1D MK IV for honey's boys in low light ;-)
Thanks again Jack for your posts

Van said...

Yes,Honey must be really proud that her boys are doing so well!Such a sad news that Honey died...:'(

Thanks for the updates Jackson.

Anonymous said...

fantastic photos. so glad to hear cheetahs are doing so well. any news on Shakira and the girls?
Take care,

Laikipia said...

Have a wonderful time with your family Jackson.

We so enjoyed our safari with you - and all the wonderful animals we saw.

Honey's boys are magnificent and a tribute to Honey.


Anonymous said...

Jackson; Fabulous news of the Honey Boys. And your little cub Saba and his mom are doing well. Just love to hear about the boys. Great living tribute to a great Mom Honey.

Anonymous said...

I loved honey,and I thought that we must not forget honey and that…

Asante sana Jackson

ilovecheetahs said...

Hi Jackson
Great to see Honey's Boys again. They look absolutely beautiful and indeed Honey would be so proud.
Very worrying news about Red and Romeo. I really hope that they turn up safe and well-it is hard to imagine two strong experienced lions coming to any harm without some external influence on the situation.
Red is my favourite lioness along with White Eye. They are both such characters and the Marsh Pride would surely miss Red's incredible hunting prowess.
Have a good time catching up with your family.
Asante sana Jackson


Anonymous said...

Jackson; I got this all wrong.Saba is the mother. Sorry for the wrong posting on the name.

me jane said...

Our news shows terrible footage of flash floods at Samburu. How is the Mara?

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Honey must surely be beaming with pride at her boys, they are a wonderful trio, its wonderful to know they are well, they had a magnificent teacher in their beautiful mum Honey.
Its also good news that there is no real competition for Saba and her gorgeous cub at the moment, it will ensure the cub has a good start to life.
Have a wonderful time with your family Jackson and look forward to more updates from yoyr fabulous office.

CatMandu said...

Jambo Jackson :)

Your blog is fantastic, thanks so much for all the updates and photos of the cats. I have never set foot in Africa, or seen a big cat in real life, so this is the closest thing I've got until I can afford a plane ticket to Kenya!

Honey was a legend in the Mara, and her boys are a great tribute to a beautiful cat. I'm so pleased they survived. Bet she is too!

Sheri Lynne said...

It was so tragic the way Honey died from the vet error ... her sons are so beautiful, and she would indeed be proud.

Thank you, Jackson, for your post about our favorite Big Cats!