Saturday, 5 February 2011

Snap Pop and Crackle

Dear friends,

Honey boys had been very active lately traveling from one end of the mara to the other,
To track them had been very difficult indeed.
We now have three more young males in the area its likly to be taking the territory very soon we shall see where do Honey boys go may be that is why most of the time on the move may be to try and look for more areas just in case.

Just let you once more on how the Cheetah harament cars will be is as follow:
As it look like inreasingly more people want to come to the mara for good photos then its hadder and hadder for the cheetahs who only eat fresh food and most of the time hunt during the day when the Tourist are active.
Just think of this little cubs now who need to eat a lot of meat and there Mum must work had to feed as many mouths as this, its is so had, One most people would like to spend time taking pic because they are soo sweet, two as a result of having that many it means the mother will active more therefore its likely to see a kill if you follow her.
That is way its important to have two Cars for this Job.

I do hope I have answered some of you who did not know the reason of this fun.
I will tell you in a min the Tents one.


Shamba said...

Oh my soo many cars! The Mara is getting like a UK safari park.
The poor animals space is being so invaded which must affect their natural behaviour
I appreciate you need the tourist dollars but there must be another way to safeguard the animals in their natural habitat

Laikipia said...

That photo just sums it up - the poor cheetahs stand no change, why cant people respect the animals?

Thanks for all you do Jackson.

Sheri Lynne said...

There should be restrictions on the number of cars out at a given time - or something! The poor animals. Cheetahs are on the brink of extinction as it is ... why can't people who care about the cats understand how their actions hurt them? thank you Jackson