Thursday, 10 February 2011

Notch this morning

Dear all,

It was had to sleep last night at rekero camp with Notch and his family of three females and cubs all over the place roaring.
Notch and his sons are now dominant over a few prides, Old ridge pride also known as Disney pride, Paradise pride, Ol keju Rongai pride all on the eastern side of the river.

Now we have seen 11 cubs with Old ridge pride between 3 females, it all went well as the cubs run to there fathers and greeted them later owen went to sleep together just below our staff camp.
On the other had Notch Son fast born was sitting away from the cubs then joined them to get away from the hot Sun of February.

I am looking forward for another noisy night,

Best regards,

Jackson Ole Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

How fantastic to have Notch and all his family at Rekero.

What an amazing time you must be having.

Love reading these updates Jackson.

Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to read updates about Notch. Thanks Jackson. Long may the old boy reign!

whitestarling said...

Notch really is a Lion amongst Lions, and all the family seem to get on so well. Sounds like your goinh to need the ear plugs tonight Jackson LOL
Thanks for the update Jackson

Chong said...

This is gorgeous!