Thursday, 10 February 2011


Just min from Arriving to the park, hot evening harry to go and meet my other repeat guest for the after noon tea.
I then sow on the conner of my eye and Leopard, I look and thought which cheetah is that a lone in the long grass,
Stop and go slowly to check who he or she was, to my surprise its Paja, very far from Mum territory up at Double crossing, He could be getting out soon towards OOC conservancy, I am glad he is going this way I have now lost Kali, and Binti whom I think gone towards the serengeti.

He made my day just before I had my tea and small cake the top up my appetite.

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Paja is a handsome leopard - lovely to read your update and see the photos.

Thanks Jackson.

Leo209 said...

Nice pictures Jackon, thank you so much for showing us how the prides are doing.
Keep up the great post and i truly look forward to seeing more of your up dates.

Anonymous said...

fantastic pictures as always.
I hope you do manage to find Binti and Kali again one day although Paja is also gorgeous

Apesey x

Anonymous said...

is it ever coming back on TV,

looks good thanks for all the updates jackson

Mags said...

Saw you on the BBC's Human Planet last night. That was an amazing sight, three men facing 15 lions and taking their dinner! How dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, the Human Planet programme last night was awesome. You made a great contribution. Keep up the reports and photos.

jevro said...

Hi, am i able to post picture to you all as i would like to have you try to help me identify some of the big cats we have recently taken photos of in the mara?