Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mara North News

Dear Friends,

After I had been at the reserve for a few days I am now at Mara north conservancy, I could not believe in my Eyes how the wildlife is in this place,

Heads of wildebeest, Zebras, Elephant, and many other small antelopes,

I had encounter Once again Joshua pride now very heavily pregnant its very exiting to see when they give birth to Little lions.
The Cheetah with a cub some time ago who had a blind eye is also here we sow a lot in just one Hour of a drive.
As You know I love leopards too, the nest day we had some of them are in the area we went around and we found them what a superb day for my guest and my self, I have now seen all things are possible Mara North is getting there I would think in the next 3 years it will be the best place to see cats in the mara, both Cheetah, leopards, and lions,

Have a good day in your office friend I am off to look for Nyam yam,


Jackson Looseyia.


jevro said...

Thanks Jackson, im a newbie to Mara so where is north mara area , and where is Governors camp where we stayed last month, do you have a map of mara area lodges/etc, I also posted in your recent blogs as to how i could send in some photos we took recently of the cats and would love to have them recognised/named if possible,

Rgds J+J

Anonymous said...

wow Jackson what a fantastic day!! Glad the cats are doing so well up there.
Take care,
Apesey x

Kara said...

Another great update, thank you Jackson.
I will be coming to the mara soon & hope I may have the privilege to meet you & maybe lucky enough to see some of the cats you keep us updated with

Anonymous said...

Always a delight to read and see the cats in the Mara, thank you Jackson for your dedication!


Laikipia said...

How great to hear that things in Mara north are going so well.

It's lovely to hear about other areas in the mara.

As usual a great update and some lovely news.

asante sana Jackson.

BigCatFan said...

brilliant photos Jackson

Spiros said...

Hello Jackson, I am so glad I came acros your blog for it's great to read about the Mara cats!

I've been to Kenya twice, second time had the privilege of staying at a Maasai village for few days and it was an experience I will never forget so thank you for the blog and I look forward to your next posting.