Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lions with Cattle

On the issue of why we need tents, is as follows, We have now divided our group ranges and every one have got there own tile so the land around the Reserve is privately own.
Its a good thing and bad too, Good when people who care about conservation give there land for wildlife us and get some income which at the moment is holding most of our old and new conservancies.
Without this people coming on board to protect the wildlife the future of wildlife around the Maasai mara can put to jeopardy.
Local who own land at the boundary can say I do not want wildlife just cattle then what can you do to that citizen?
As we in our own belief Cattle is every thing and its still is the primary income for our locals by far.

The tents work will be the addition magic to help this rangers to patrol around every boundary of the park night and day time, lest say it should help great deal, at list we as wildlife lovers can have a say if we see some of this wildlife get Kill in or on the age of the reserve.
From one end of the reserve to the end i would say at list 70 Kilometers long and its all surrounded by former group rangers so its really tough on the park Rangers.

I should be there so suggest some points but not without any input just empty words, its does not work.

Let hope you have understand this one too.
Any Q please let me know.

Best regards.
Jackson looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Another brilliant idea and a great scheme.

Thanks Jackson - your work for conservation in the Mara and beyond is inspiring.

Sheri Lynne said...

thanks - that makes sense. I do so hope that conservation in the Mara continues, and continues to grow.