Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rongai Pride

Dear friends,

Nothing beats the Morning Light when you come over do not west it just get out of your bed and see this wonderful things.
Notch Son Bob was on the move to go and meet his Brothers who are busy matting at Ronkai River and Pose plains.
After the females sever a big loss of 9 cubs now busy mating and lets hope this boys are staying here for a little bit,
So much on the move from on pride to another j
ust having fan this pride will be very large in time with 5 females and a lot of males around them.
Granny white had gone towards look out with her Sons and grandsons some of the young daughters however she is just about to finish her safari.

Notch II could be any impressive that this so glad they doing well though Mama Red who is no longer with us and White Eye are having some trouble up north.

Best wishers to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

It's so wonderful to read about all the lions Jackson.

Asante sana

Anonymous said...

Now I am confused who is Mama Red:

Rafiki said...

Jackson, we thought Mama Lugga, also known as Red, was killed about a year ago. Was this report wrong?

Jackson Looseyia said...

I do talk about Red and and Honey both are dead but there Sons are the one I am always referring to the later animals, though they have died yet they have left a legacy,
Notch Sons and Honey boys Snap Crackle and Pop.

jevro said...

Hi Jackson, we have recently returned from The Mara, can you name this Lion in my sig picture?.....cani post any pictres on here?

jevro said...