Sunday, 5 December 2010


Dear Friends

Notch went over to Mara Conservancy and I keep missing every time I am out he cross and when I am not out on a drive he is out,
Finally some one call me Notch is near camp so I rush and meet him Love every min of it with the old King and his young son,
The rest of the boys are active on there own mating and fighting every other male lion they can find around but Old Notch now will be Call Kali in coming film is just as good strong as ever bless him,
He is now mating with Olkeju females and will be so many Young notchers ever conner of the mara.

long live the King of the maasai Mara




Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson,
Glad Notch is fit and well. great photos!!
Take care,
Apesey x

Laikipia said...

Great to hear Notch is well and still king of the Mara Jackson.


Anonymous said...

What great photos, and updates...thank you! Can't wait to see the Disney film next year. Animal Planet has shown 2 Big Cat Diary marathons thusfar here in the states, I'm hoping if they show another one, it'll be reruns of Notch.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mike Attwood said...

Again, wonderful shots Jackson, look forward to seeing the film.


Kim said...

Do you or Jonathan have an email address? I would like to see if we could work something out in March. Please email me -

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson. Great to see and hear about the King again. When is the film coming out and what will it be called?

Simon Jones said...

Nice photos and great news Jackson.
It was really nice to meet you on the UK, I met you at the Tusk lecture (I was the one asking about poisining).

I look forward to meeting you again soon

Mike Andersen said...

thanks for keeping us informed on whats going on in the Mara! I miss Big Cat Diary so much! thanks to your hard work and great pictures we will stay informed. Once again thank you my friend and have a great new year..

marabob said...


We were with you, Jonathan and Warren in October and in the vehicle with you on the morning we saw Shingo and her 6 cubs on tree climbing duty.

Great pictures of Notch - no wonder he looks exhausted in the second picture after what he's been up to, the old rogue.

Can you clarify who is now in charge of the Olkeju pride? Is this the same as the Olkeju Ronkai pride? If so, I thought that Cheza and Sala were in charge after being driven out of the Ol Kiombo pride.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Notch. Iam so pleased that he is doing well he looks very fit, how old is Notch??
He is very special to many of us.
Notch will be in a new film, he will be called Kali,tell us more about this.
I miss big cat diary.

Take Care,caren.