Sunday, 5 December 2010


Dear All,

East and West home is best, after a few days traveling to UK, I am now back home the maasai mara.
My first thought was where is Notch, Olive, Paja and Shingo.
While I went looking for them in there home range I found a old friend Lorian which some of you knew her from last Post I had publish, I was so happy to see her in good condition.
I rember her having a cub but I believe the cub is independed by know.


On the other had Notch was found Mating with Olkeju Rongai females on Pose plain, so I Dash out to meet them but not found him since he might have gone some quiet place on Honey moon haa,
However I had found the lead Female of Olkeju Scar face strong as ever with one of the Sisters.
Where Granny is we do not know yet and the rest of the sub adults.

Have a nice day in the office too.


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Great to see you in the UK Jackson - you did well to survive the cold weather!

How fantastic to hear the Lorian is around and looking so beautiful.

We missed you in your office.


Mike Attwood said...

Wonderful stuff Jackson. Glad you got home safe and missed our brrrrr weather.