Thursday, 16 December 2010


Joshua the King of Mara North
Dear all,

Just on my few days guiding at Mara North I have found great sighting of lions and Leopards,
I went out from up North of the conservancy to look for Joshua and his brother and lucky I have found them.
Now the two males have taken complete residents in this area near C &P camp call Elephant Pepper.
How wonderful to get off the road going to Mara Rianta and Joshua and his brother, three lioness are relax and happy.
I was happy to see the rangers on patrol when ever they see more than two cars with any predator well done guys its the way forward.

One thing I am still finding out was the messege this lion send it to me I think you can also tell some thing is not right.

He is saying I am annoyed you let them in again meaning the cattle, for about a month the rangers agree for cattle to grass in the core area for nearly two weeks and our pride was not that happy about this arrangement some thing that must stop if we are believers of conservation.
We all agree yes and Today I went there not one cow on sight well done guys its a sign of hope when we see lions and leopards walking during the day without any threats from the Human activities.

The glory of the mara is coming back again through the new conservancies.

We still have a long way to go,


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

A wonderful update Jackson and some lovely photos.

Asante sana

Mags said...

Great news Jackson. Have a wonderful Christmas