Thursday, 16 December 2010


Lisbey one of the Marsh Female
Dear Friends,

It have been a long time since I have seen the marsh pride, I believe they are all together under the watch of Romeo and Bibi,

Just found some members a few days ago, Lisbey and two of her sons right at bilashaka,
The boys had grown well thank good for there Mama she had been looking after them since they broke out of the Main Pride,
Most of the time the main Pride is at the marsh and they have a lot of babies with them,
The older Cubs now adult are near bilashaka most of the time, and just below where this Laga joint the marsh for those who know the mara well.

Some New male are not far from them but still afraid of Clawed and Romeo it will not be long before Romeo is seen off by the up coming males since Clawed is getting old know.

Our biggest Challenge is the encroachment of Settlement around the Reserve boundary more more villages had been build in the last few months with to me is not good news.
We just hope Mara North will succeed because it will give more Shelter to our pride as it get bigger and bigger,

South of the Bilashaka is Notch and his Sons no way the young Males will ever Dream going south the only option left is towards the George.

Have a good Day in the office,

Jackson Looseyia.

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Laikipia said...

Fantastic to hear about the Marsh Pride and Lispey.

Sounds like life in your office is good!