Monday, 13 December 2010

Mara North News

Letura is the Name of this Boy
Dear Friends,

Yet another wandefull day in the Office we found Letura and one female mating at C&P ridge below Aitong Plains,
I had from the guides is this female was the one Lemek Plains close to Kicheche some time last year,

After Staying with them for at list 3 hours, the mating was so intense and the large male last with us, he gave us a mock Charge every one in my car woke up and realize they are not only beutiful but also scary.
The Guest who are from Germany company call Lion King .com said it was the best day they had ever had in africa for in so many visit.
Mara North is coming up and the fruits are just starting after so many year of case and shamble with mismanagement of this part of the Maasai Mara.
Well done you all may be Shadow and her family will come back to there glory as a family.

Warm Salaams

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Another amazing update from your office Jackson. How fantasic to have seen the leopards mating and what an experience to have a mock charge. Glad you were all okay!

Wonderful news from Mara North.


Mike Attwood said...

I envy you every time I read your blog Jackson. Take care.

Deidre luzmore said...

Supa Jackson,
What an amazing scene to watch, two leopards mating. What a fantastic day in Africa. And such clear photos.

Anonymous said...

The presenters for Big Cat Diary weren't kidding when they said a leopard virtually invisible in the grass, and what beautiful photos! Thank you for the updates, and sharing with I envy your 'office'.